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Dr. Edward R. Hipp, Jr.

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"Dr. Edward R. Hipp, Jr., Fellow in Surgical Research, American Cancer Society, examines vacuum-sealed section of a human blood vessel which will be stored in the new Vessel Bank which he has set up at the hospital for use in surgical operations." From the Medical Alumni News Letter, May 1954 article, p. 2., "New Means of Saving Lives and Preventing Amputations Introduced." The article reads (in part): "A new means of saving lives and preventing amputation of limbs has ben introduced at the University of Virginia Hospital with the opening of a Vessle Bank in which pieces of human arteries are preserved for use in surgical operations. "Like blood, the vessels are obtained from other human bodies. Their preservation for surgical uses brings new hope to patients with cancer involving large blood vessels, to th ose with various birth malformations of the heart and large vessels, or those whose arteries are locally damaged by accidental wounds or obstructed by changes of age. "In wartime, when civilian as well as military personnel may suffer injury, many amputations may be prevented by the implantation of these new blood-carrying tubes into the injured parts of the limbs. The bank may play a significant role in making available an important addition to the University Hospital as an evacuation center near Washington and surrounding military targets...."
UVa Medical Alulmni News Letter, May 1954
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