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John F. Harlan Views Hubbard Tank

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Harlan is on the left. This photo accompanies an article, "Children's Rehabilitation Center Now in Operation..." in the Medical Alumni News Letter, October-November , 1957. The caption for the photo reads: "Dr. J. Hamilton Allan explains how the Hubbard tank will be used in the treatment of handicapped children at the Children's Rehabilitation Center to some members of the University of Virginia Hospital Auxiliary. "(Left to Right) John F. Harlan, Jr., Assistant Director of the University of Virginia Hospital, Mrs. Leon S. Dure, Jr., Mrs. William B. Dolph, Dr. Allan, Mrs. Frank T. Sutton, III, and Mrs. John B. Rogan." The article reads (in part): "The University of Virginia Hospital Children's Rehabiliation Center began operation on November 18. "Located on Route 250, approximately two miles west of the University on the site of the old Rucker Home, this comprehensive diagnostic and treatment center will provide rehabilitation and convalescent services for thirty children handicapped by medical, neuromuscular, and orthopedic conditions. "In addition to comfortable and attractive four-bed wards which open directly on to terraces, the Center has a clinical area consisting of complete treatment facilities, a physiotherapy unit, an occupational therapy section, dining and recreation room, consultation and administrative offices, a schoolroom, and living accomodations for a resident physician and the nursing supervisor. The building is completely airconditioned. "Planning for the Center began approximately two years ago when President Colgate W. Darden, Jr. appointd [sic] a Planning Committee composed of Vincent Shea, Comptroller of the University, Chairman; Thomas K. Fitz-Patrick, Dean of the School of Archictecture; John M. Stacey, Hospital Director; and Dr. J. Hamilton Allan, Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. "Financed jointly by Hill-Burton and prviate funds, the Center cost $421,700. "Architects for the Center were Stainbuck & Scribner of Charlottesville, in association with Mr. FitzPatrick.... "The rehabiliation program at the Center is designed to be a community project, Dr. Allan emphasized, supported by the co-operation of every social, health, and welfare group which has anything to do with the welfare of children.... "'An objective of the program will be to shift the focus of attention from the handicap itself to the problem of meeting the needs of the child as a whole" [Dr. Allan said].... For information on the Hubbard Tank see The Draw Sheet, Volume II, Number 1, March 19, 1954
UVa Medical Alumni News Letter
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