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"Think Safety, It Pays" Contest Award

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Draw Sheet, December 1979: "Mrs. Mary B. Duty, third from left, is shown receiving her first prize award from hospital director, John F. Harlan, Jr. Looking on are Mrs. Susan B. Ferrel, second place winner, and administrator Bruce Thompson, chairman of the Safety Committee." The relevant article (on p. 1), reads (in part): "Mrs. Mary B. Duty, unit assistant on Barringer I was named the first prize winner of the 'Think Safety, It Pays' contest. Mrs. Duty was awarded a first prize of $50.00 cash. Mrs. Susan B. Ferrl, a secretary in Quality Assurance received the second prize award of a smoke detector. "Mrs. Duty's first prize suggestion was to install a stationary light on the medication carts used on the hospital floors. The light would provide better accuracy in distributing medicine.... "The second place suggestion submitted by Mrs. Ferrel was to install a safety code-a-phone recording device with the number 4-RISK. The safety number would allow employees to direct safety hazards to the proper authorities...."
The Draw Sheet, December 1979
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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