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Dr. Desmond R. H. Gourley Using Warburg Respirometer

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This is one of four photos accomanying the article, "Department of Pharmacology Teaching and Research..." in the UVa Medical Alumni News Letter, October-November 1958. The caption reads: "The Warburg respirometer is being used by Dr. Desmond R. H. Gourley to measure the consumption of oxygen by intact frog muscles. Pairs of the muscles are in vessels attached to the manometers. This is part of a study of the influence of drugs on biochemical reactions located on the membranes of cells. "It has been found in this laboratory that insulin is one such drug and that, amon other things, it acclerates the oxidation of lactate and the active transport of potassium ions into the cell interior. Cardiac glycosides, such as digoxin, do not affect lactate oxidation but inhibit the uptake of postassium. "Other studies in this laboratory are aimed at elucidating the mechanism by which phosphate ions are actively transferred into cells, particularly human red blood cells. "These investigations may lead to a better understanding of how drugs act in the body without necessarily penetrating cells."
UVa Medical Alumniu News Letter
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