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Dr. E. Cato Drash and the Chest Surgery Team

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From the Medical Alumni News Letter, May, 1953 article, "Dr. E. Cato Drash And The University Chest Surgery Team." Caption reads: "The Chest Surgery Team: Dr. E. Cato Drash, Professor of Surgery, (center) with Miss Louise Rea, Thoracic Nursing Supervisor, and Dr. George R. Minor, '40, Assistant Professor of Surgery and Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory." The article reads (in part): "Virginians, intent upon eradicating pulmonary tuberculosis from their State, are studying the history of past attacks on the disease, and discovering that the surgical battle has been waged almost singlehandedly by Dr. E. Cato Drash and the Chest Surgery Team he has organized at the University of Virginia. "Over 80 per cent of all the State's candidates for thoracic surgery are treated at the University Hospital. A comparable number of tubercular patients are treated in the hospital's pheumothorax clinic or on surgical consultation visits to the State Sanatoria. All of this was done by two surgeons assisted by a thoracic nursing supervisor, plus one resident and two rotating assistant residents...."
UVa Medical Alumni News Letter
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