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Allegy Clinic Fellows' Dinner

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From the UVa Medical Alumni News Letter, May 1964: "A dinner for former Allergy Clinic Fellows attending the annual conference on Allergy on April 17 was held at Farmington County Club. Attending were current and former Fellows, program participants, and a few invited guests. "First row -- Dr. James B. Magee, '55; Dr. John L. Guerrant, '37, Professor of Internal Medicine and Head of Allergy Division; Dr. Eugene A. ("Pat") Hildreth, '47; Dr. Oscar Swineford, Jr., '26, Professor of Internal Medicine; Col. Harold Ratcliffe, '57f; and Dr. Leszek Ochota, '56f. "Second Row -- Dr. William B. Hunt, Jr., Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine; Dr. John B. Catlett, '50; Dr. N. Blair LeRoy, Fellow in Allergy; Dr. H. Pearce Maccubin, '50f; Dr. Jesse W. Cumbia, '52, Clinical Instructor in Internal Medicine; Dr. Bulent Jajuli, Fellow in Internal Medicine; Dr. James R. Brunk, '54, Fellow in Internal Medicine; and Dr. Robert H. Jennings, '56, Clinical Instructor in Internal Medicine. "The conference program was sponserd by the University of Virginia Allergy Clinic and supported by the Oscar Swineford Allergy Fund, established in 1961 to honor Dr. Swineford, who started the Allergy Clinic in 1932 and has played a dynamic role in encouraging medical schools throughout the country to develop the teaching of allergy. "Featured speaker on the program was Dr. Eugene A. ('Pat') Hildreth, '47, who is now Chief of the Allergy Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. His subject was 'Homotransplantation in Man -- Immunologic Considerations.'" "Other participants were Dr. Swineford, Dr. Guerrant, Dr. Hunt, Dr. LeRoy, Dr. Leslie Rudolf, Assistant Professor of Surgery, and Hamner Hannah, a fourth-year medical student."
UVa Medical Alumni News Letter
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