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William James Rucker

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From the Bulletin of the University of Virginia Medical School and Hospital, Fall 1941: "In June of this year [1941] Mr. William James Rucker, a prominent citizen of Charlottesville, donated $50,000 to the University of Virginia to be used for the purchase and equipment of a home for convalescent children. "Arrangements were immediately made for the acquisition of Wests Cairns, a large stone residence located in a nine acre park one mile west of the city. Built in 1900, this estate was for a number of years the property of the late Mr. W. R. McElroy. "The William James Rucker Home for Convalescent Children will be operated by the University Hospital through its Department of Orthopedics. When completed it will accommodate twety-three children. As an adjunct to the University Hospital the institution will fill a long-standing need. Additional contributions for its maintenance have been received from the State of Virginia, from the University's Graduating Class of 1941, from the University's Hospital Cirlce and Hospital League, and from private individuals."
Bulletin of the UVa Medical School and Hospital, Fall 1941
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