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Dr. Charles B. Pearson (Left) and Dr. Frank B. Stafford at Blue Ridge West Wing

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From the Medical Alumni News Letter From December 1950: "Standing before the lobby of the newly-opened West Wing are Frank B. Stafford, right, Medical Director of Blue Ridge, and Dr. Charles B. Pearson, '36, Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine.... From Angels' Rest (Virginia) there came to Blue Ridge Sanatorium in 1920 a young resident physician who 'was just going to stay a couple years.' The few years became thirty and the resident became Medical Director and Blue Ridge grew into one of the most modern, best-equipped tuberculosis sanatoriums in the East. When Dr. Frank Stafford came to Blue Ridge the day it opened, in April, 1920, the sanatorium was only a few buildings with 120 beds. Now there are 400 beds, a Medical Library, a brand new West Wing, a new heating plant; there are blueprints and appropriated funds for an Education Building, a 400-seat auditorium, a nurses' home and the East Wing, which, when completed, will form a horseshoe-shaped sanatorium with 500 beds. The million-dollar West Wing was opened early in July. Two floors were opened this fall. Of the 152 beds in the West Wing 68 are now in use; the other 82 beds to be filled, Dr. Stafford said, when Blue Ridge has enough doctors and nurses. The medical staff of the sanatorium includes five doctors, an interne, a full-time dentist and a nursing personnel of 80, fifty percent of which are registered nurses, fifty percent student nurses and nurses' aides. The West Wing, he explained, will require an additional personnel of two doctors and ten nurses. The West Wing is a many-windowed six-story steel and brick building where the sun shines in every room. It is the newest in equipment, the most modern in design, the brightest in color-- there is even a pink stairway. The rooms, either single or double (there are no wards) are two-toned in color. The red and yellow sun parlors are designed to be set up as wards, if necessary. Carts and stretcher do not block the hall; they roll into a recessed wall on each floor. All equipment, including kitchens and operating rooms, are stainless steel. Every device fro door handles to glare-proof windows, is the newest and makes for the quickest, easiest nursing and provides the maximum of comfort and pleasant surroundings for the patients. The first floor of the West Wing is a Nurses' Training School, with lecture and demonstration rooms, laboratories. Leading directly west from the Training School will be the auditorium; and just west of that will be the Education Building, to be remodeled from the old heating plant at a cost of $30,000. This building will provide adult education, vocational therapy and rehabiliation. It will house handicrafts workshops, staff offices, conseling offices, a sewing room, classrooms. Commercial courses, i.e., typing, shorthand, will be offered to patients; for 'tuberculosis patients,' Dr. Stafford added, 'must educate themselves for work they are able to do.'" Dr. Stafford, Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, was appointed Superintendant and Medical Director of Blue Ridge in 1944. He was graduated from the Medical College of Virginia and was associated with Catawba Sanatorium before coming to Blue Ridge."
UVa Medical Alumni News Letter
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