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Dr. Fletcher D. Woodward

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From the UVa Medical Alumni News Letter March, 1953: "The American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology has bestowed its highest honor on Dr. Fletcher D. Woodward, '19, former Professor and Chairman of the University of Virginia's Department of Otolaryngology and now Clinical Professor. In recognition of his contributions as a teacher, physician and research student, the Academy named him Guest of Honor for its annual meeting last October and awarded him its Certificate of Merit. Acknowledging Dr. Woodward's constant devotion to one goal-- prevention and cure of disease within his chosen specialty -- the Academy members asked him to speak on the 'Widening Aspects of Otolaryngology,' and tell them of the problems ahead and the future service the specialty might render.... With Dr. James M. Mullendore of the University's Speech and Drama Department, Dr. Woodward brought about the organization of the Virginia Hearing Foundation for a concerted attack on the problems of deafness at every level, and provision at the University for complete and comprehensive diagnosis of hearing problems. He serves now was the medical director of the Foundation."
UVa Medical Alumni News Letter
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