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Dr. James Alexander Waddell

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Obituary from the Bulletin of the University of Virginia Medical School and Hospital, Spring 1946: "The sudden death of Dr. James Alexander Waddell on [sic] June, 1945 was a great loss to the Medical School and to all of his former students. Dr. Waddell had been Professor of Pharmacology, Materia Medica and Toxicology since 1911, and lecturer in Legal Medicine for many years....He was one of the last of the classical pharmacologists, whose knowledge of the vast expanse of Materia Medica was obtained by personal experimentation in the laboratory. Trained at the University of Virginia, where he was at first associate of Dr. Whitehead, Professor of Anatomy and one-time Dean, he later worked with Toral Sollmann at Western Reserve University, then the fount of American Pharmacology, and also at Harvard. During his long, active career at the University of Virginia as adjunct and then Professor of Pharmacology and Head of the Department, Dr. Waddell carried out and published meritorious and still highly-regarded researches on the influence of drugs on the spinal fluid and on automatic nerves.... He was born near Charlottesville on May 20, 1878. He received an M.D. rom the University of Virginia in 1911, and thereafter his association with the Medical School never ceased. For thirty years he was secretary tot he medical faculty;....For ten years he was Chairman of the Committee of Admissions; and many a Virginia physician had his first memory of the University Medical School date from an interview in the small office at the end of West Range, dominated by Dr. Waddell's genial and sympathetic nature. The loss of his kindly personality will be deeply regreted by all; but so long as his former students live and practice medicine, James Alexander Waddell will live in them."
Bulletin of the UVa Medical School and Hospital
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