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Dr. Oscar Swineford, Jr.

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From the UVa Medical Alumni News Letter, December 1951: "The Allergy Clinic of the University Department of Medicine was started by Dr. Oscar Swineford, Jr., '17, in 1932. Today it is one of the fourteen in the United States recognized for graduate training and certification in allergy. The Arthritis Clinic was begun in 1948, and is operated by the staff of the Allergy-Arthritis Division of the School of Internal Medicine. For over twenty-five years Dr. Swineford has been promoting instruction in allergy, 'the step-child of medical education,' and as a member of the Academy of Allergy has encouraged not only the University Department of Medicine, but medical schools throughout the country to develop the teaching of allergy. He has been an active member of county, state and national medical societies, and is a former: Chairman of Allergy Section of the Southern Medical Association; President of the Southeastern Allergy Association; President of the American Academy of Allergy and a member of the Board of Directors of the American Allergy Foundation. He has contributed to the clinical and experimental literature on allergy, especially in the fields of serum reactions and bacterial allergy."
Uva Medical Alumni News Letter
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