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Dr. Lawrence T. Royster

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From the Bulletin of the University of Virginia Medical School and Hospital, Fall 1942: "Dr. Lawrence T. Royster, Professor of Pediatrics for nearly twenty years, resigned from the medical faculty July 1st. Being a devoted follwer of his chosen specialty and as the first pediatrician in Virginia he occupies a prominent place in the history of the Medical School and in the thoughts of his students and colleagues. A native of Norfolk, Virginia, where he was born in 1874, Dr. Royster received his prepatory education at Norfolk Academy and entered the University in 1892. In the memorable fire of 1895 he was one of the group of students who entered the burning Rotunda and lifted the Galt statue of Jefferson from its pedestal, drew it through the room on a mattress, safely eased it down the curving stair, and deposited it on the Lawn. The only damage to the statue was a slight chipping of the edge of the drapery. Dr. Royster;s graduation from medical school was followed by post-graduate work in New York, Boston, and Baltimore. Returning to Virginia he engaged in the general practice of medicine in Norfolk for a period of ten years. In 1910 he was the first physician in Virginia and one of three in the entire South to limit his practice to pediatrics. He joined the faculty of the University Medical School as head of the Department of Pediatrics in 1923."
Bulletin of the UVa Medical School and Hospital
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