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Conference on Medical Education

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Williamsburg, Virginia, 3-4 January 1964, Photo is mounted on board Identified (L to R): First Row: Lester A. Wilson, Assoc. Prof. of Obstetrics & Gynecology, William S. Jordan, Jr., Prof. & Chairman of Preventive Medicine, Wesley A. Volk, Assoc. Prof. of Microbiology, Morris S. McKeehan, Prof. & Acting Chariman of Anatomy, Cloid Green, Assoc. Prof. of Anesthesiology, Wilhelm Moll, Medical Librarian & Assoc. Prof. of Preventive Med., Richard W. Garnett, Prof. of Neurology & Psychiatry, Thomas H. Hunter, Dean of the School of Medicine, Thomas R. Johns II, Assoc. Prof. of Neurology & Psychiatry, David E. Smith, Prof. & Chairman of Pathology, George Cooper, Jr., Prof. & Acting Chairman of Radiology, Frank McCue, Instructor in Orthopedics Second Row: Oscar A. Thorup, Jr., Assoc, Prof. of Internal Medicine, William N. Thornton, Jr., Prof. & Chairman of Obstetrics & Gynecology, McLemore Birdsong, Prof. & Acting Chairman of Pedicatrics, Edwin W. Pullen, Assoc. Prof. of Anatomy, George R. Minor, Assoc. Prof. of Surgery & Assistant Dean, Oliver B. Bobbitt, Jr., Prof. & Chairman of Clinical Pathology, Alfred J. Bollet, Assoc. Prof. of Preventive Medicine, William Parson, Prof. & Chariman of Internal Medicine, William H. Muller, Jr., Stephen Watts Prof. & Chairman of Surgery, Neil G. McCormick, Assist. Prof. of Microbiology, Alto E. Feller, Prof. & Chairman of Microbiology, Glassell S. Fitz-hugh, Prof. & Chairman of Otolaryngology Third Row: Frederick C. Holland, Jr., Assist. Prof. of Clinical Pathology, Robert W. McGilvery, Prof. & Acting Chairman of Biochemistry, William G. Thurman, Prof. & Chariman-Designate of Pediatrics (July 1964), Kenneth R. Crispell, Prof. of Internal Medicine & Acting Dean, Douglas W. Eastwood, Prof. & Chairman of Anesthesiology, Byrd S. Leavell, Prof. of Internal Medicine, Desmond R. H. Gourley, Prof. of Pharmacology, Chalmers L. Gemmill, Prof. & Chairman of Pharmacology, Edward P. Cawley, Prof. & Chairman of Dermatology, John H. Allan, Prof. & Chairman of Orthopedics, Lenard Levine, Assist. Prof. of Physiology, Martin G. Netsky, Prof. of Neuropathology, Edwin W. Burton, Prof. & Chairman of Ophthalmology, William P. Anslow, Prof. & chairman of Physiology, Leslie E. Rudolph, Assist. Prof. of Surgery, Guy F. Hollifield, Assoc. Prof. of Internal Medicine & Director of the Outpatient Department, Albert J. Paquin, Jr., Prof. & Chairman of Urology, William R. Sandusky, Prof. of Surgery, William E. Craddock, Assoc. Prof. of Radiology, Peyton E. Weary, Assist. Prof. of Dermatology
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1964-01-03 - 1964-01-04
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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