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Virginia Law Review 1923-1924

Holsinger's Studio (Charlottesville, Va.)
Online; Visual Materials
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Including members of the Class of 1924, Class of 1925 and Class of 1926. Front row (left to right): Leroy Margolius, A. W. Embrey, Jr., Hawthorne D. Battle, Collins Denny, Jr., Nelson Fell, Editor; Richard R. Florance, Jr., Business Manager; Frank Talbott, Jr., Littleton M. Wickham, William M. Neal, Edwin D. Kyle, Jr. Middle row (left to right): C. Venable Minor, William S. D. Woods, Richard H. Cocke, Richard D. Gilliam, Jr., Manley P. Caldwell, Douglas A. Robertson, Reuben R. Rush, Millard H. Patterson, Leonard J. Calhoun, William N. Ellis. Back row (left to right): Henry Savage, Jr., Donald W. Shriver, Frederick J. Lotterhos, Herman L. Bennett, Edgar H. Rowe, J. Alfred Tyler, John J. Mahoney, Jr., Lyttleton Waddell, John S. Carroll, Leslie D. Dawson.
Corks and Curls 1924
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1923 - 1924
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Special Collections, Arthur J. Morris Law Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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RG 106
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