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Lambeth Field

Hench, Atcheson Laughlin
Online; Visual Materials
Nonprojected Graphic
A lone jogger. Notation written by Atcheson L. Hench titled Poor Old Lambeth Field, "In the 1920s and until Scott Stadium was built - in other words, up until football became so professional - Lambeth Field saw many lively days. The big one was Thanksgiving, the day of the yearly University of North Carolina vs. University of Virginia football game, the last and the big game of the season. For that game, wooden stands were erected to hold part of the extra large crowd. After Scott Stadium was built, Lambeth Field began going downhill. Baseball never drew large crowds. Now and then the western arm of the stands was filled at track meets, especially at big interscholastic meets - the prep school and the high school meets. But the track deteriorated so badly that some teams didn't like to run on it. And during the spring of 1970, there were no UVa meets there; the boys went away for all their meets. Now, September 1970, the place is rotting away."
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Original Negative Present; Neg 35 70A frame 21
University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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