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Chateau Front and Back, the Gatekeeper's Lodge

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From back of photo: Photograph courtesy of Professor and Mrs. Robert K. Gooch. "The Gatekeeper's Lodge" was built by Mr. Pratt in the 1850s. Its location was near the northeast corner of the Alderman Library near the intersection of Ivy and McCormick Roads. It was occupied by Mr. Pratt, Professor LeFevre, and in 1905, H.H. "Pop" Lannigan, Athletic coach, lived there until his retirement in 1929. During the summer of 1929, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Maphis lived there. From 1930 to 1937, it was the home of Professor and Mrs. Robert Gooch. The building was torn down in 1937 for the erection of the Alderman Library. Because of its gothic architecture and its drawbridge approach across the moat which surrounded the building, it was given the name, "The Chateau Front and Back".
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Original Negative Present; Neg 4x5 1757
University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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