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Notation on back, "A Virginia girl 17 years old looks at one of the most amazing formations in Endless Caverns, New Market, Virginia -- "The Snowdrift", a gigantic mass of dazzling white flowstone estimated by geologists to be 170,000 years old. Chester A. Reeds, Ph.D., for many years curator of geology in the American Museum of Natural History, New York, in his book, "The Endless Caverns of New Market, Virginia", has a full-page photograph of "The Snowdrift", and says: "This is one of the most beautiful exhibits of flowstone in the Endless Caverns. The flowstone has been precipitated from the watery solution which entered the cavern through a large opening in the upper right corner of the view. It has built not only a white stone cascade, but also conical masses on the cevern floor. A small grotto has been formed behind "The Snowdrift". These vast and spectacular caverns, on Highway US 11 three miles south of New Market and 112 miles southwest of Washington, are now attracting more visitors than in pre-war years when the annual attendance averaged above 100,000."
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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