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Ordinance Research Laboratory

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Notation on back, "President John L. Newcomb breaking ground for the Ordinance Research laboratory on Observatory Mountain. From the left: Second from the left, Dr. Diggs. Third from the left in front, Edward P. Ney, now Professor of Physics at the University of Minnesota. The tall man in the rear, fifth from the left, James Miller, the late Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University. The African-American man in the front, Jaycee Carter, is the Custodian at the Department of Physics. Next to him, A. Robert Kuhlthau, now Professor of Civil Engineeering. The three gentleman in front are Llewellyn G. Hoxton, Leland B. Snoddy, and Jesse W. Beams. To the right of Leland B. Snoddy is Fritz Linke, Chief Instrument Maker in the Department of Physics, and behind him Frank L. Hereford Jr. Immediately to the right of Jesse W. Beams in the rear of Alfred K. Mann, now Professor of Physics at the University of Pennsylvania. To his right is Alwyn C. Lapsley, now a staff member at the Reseach laboratories for Engineering Sciences. The second person to the right of Lapsley in the reat is W. Dexter Whitehead, Jr., now Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. To his right in the front is Annie G. Lipscomb, then Secretary for the Department of Physics. To the right of Miss Lipscomb and partially obscured by President Newcomb is Phillipp Sommer, Instrument Maker in the Department of Physics. Third from the right is James F. Young, Staff Member at Los Alamos Scientific laboratory. At the far right is Commander Coleman."
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Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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