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Social Perception: Detection and Interpretation of Animacy, Agency, and Intention

edited by M.D. Rutherford and Valerie A. Kuhlmeier
Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2013]
9780262019279, 0262019272
  • Introduction: the interdisciplinary study of social perception / M.D. Rutherford and Valerie Kuhlmeier
  • Biological motion detection
  • Section introduction: the perception of biological motion / Nikolaus Troje
  • What is biological motion? : definition, stimuli and paradigms / Nikolaus Troje
  • From motion cues to social perception: innate predispositions / Francesca Simion, Lara Bardi, Elena Mascalzoni, and Lucia Regolin
  • Evidence for functional specialization in the human superior temporal sulcus (sts) : consideration of biological motion perception and social cognition / Emily Grossman
  • Beyond the scientific objectification of the human body : differentiated analyses of human motion and object motion / Maggie Shiffrar and James P. Thomas
  • The perception of animacy and intentional behaviour
  • Evidence for specialized perception of animate motion / M.D. Rutherford
  • Perceiving intention in animacy displays created from human motion / Phil McAleer and Scott Love
  • Design for learning : the case of chasing / Willem Frankenhuis and H. Clark Barrett
  • Perceiving animacy and intentionality : visual processing or higher-level judgment? / Brian Scholl and Tao Gao
  • How are the actions of triangles and people processed in the human brain? / Antonia Hamilton and Richard Ramsey
  • Infants attribute mental states to non-human agents / Yuyan Luo and You-jung Choi
  • The social perception of helping and hindering / Valerie Kuhlmeier
  • Recognizing and interpreting goal directed behaviour in human actors
  • Section introduction : recognizing and interpreting goal directed behaviour in human actors / Jeff Loucks
  • Dwelling on action / Dare Baldwin and Kara Sage
  • The role of self-produced movement on the perception of biological motion and intentional actions in infants / Petra Hauf
  • Human action perception across development / Jeff Loucks and Jessica Sommerville
  • On-line action analysis : infants' anticipation of others' intentional actions / Amanda Woodward and Erin Cannon
  • Index.
vi, 415 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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