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Reimagining With Christian Doctrines: Responding to Global Gender Injustices

edited by Grace Ji-Sun Kim and Jenny Daggers
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
9781137388674, 1137388676
The chapters assembled in this collection demonstrate a constructive potential in reimagining with doctrine; thus a challenge is brought to notions of doctrine as merely an inert effect of the exercise of patriarchal power during the formative centuries of a colonial Western Christian tradition. Rather, reimagining with doctrine unlocks, from its centuries of patriarchal constraint, the kingdom-infused power of Christianity, with its core tradition of a thirst for justice and righteousness; it also keeps the way open for glimpsing divine action in the economy of salvation in terms of received classical Christian formulations, while placing human struggles for justice within a wider arena by deploying discrete theological resources. This book is in six chapters that reimagine with doctrines of creation, trinity, resurrection, ecclesiology, anthropology and sin. In many chapters, a focus on the body is used to transform the outworking of received doctrines. Chapters are written from diverse denominational backgrounds as well as from diverse racial ethnicities. This richness in perspective invites engagement with an important strand in today's feminist theological discourse that remains in close engagement with Christian faith communities.
  • Chapter 1: Alternatives to Globalization Addressing People and Earth: A Feminist Theological Reflection on Women, Economy, and Creation / Pamela K. Brubaker
  • Chapter 2: In a Trinitarian Embrace: Reflections from a Local Eucharistic Community in a Global World / Jenny Daggers
  • Chapter 3: Chains Fall Off: The Resurrection of the Body and Our Healing From Shame / Cynthia Rigby
  • Chapter 4: Black & Blue: Uncovering the Ecclesial Cover-Up of Black Women's Bodies through a Womanist Reimagining of the Doctrine of the Incarnation / Eboni Marshall Turman
  • Chapter 5: U.S. Latina Feminist Paradigm: Model of an Inclusive Twenty-first Century Ecclesiology / Theresa Yugar
  • Chapter 6: 'The Bondage of the I/Eye?: A Transnational Feminist Wager for Reimagining the Doctrine of Sin' / Joy Ann McDougall
  • Responding to Global Gender Injustice: Concluding Thoughts / Grace Ji-Sun Kim.
xv, 140 pages ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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