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The Neuroscience of Sleep [electronic resource]

editors-in-chief, Robert Stickgold, Matthew P. Walker
EBook; Book; Online
Amsterdam ; Boston : Academic Press/Elsevier, [2009]
9780123757227, 0123757223, 9780123750730, 0123750733
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Sleep is the natural state of bodily rest, common to all mammals and birds and also seen in many reptiles, amphibians and fish. This book contains articles that explore sleep's impact on neural functioning, sleep disorders, the relation between sleep and other clinical disorders, a look at sleep from a developmental perspective, and more.
  • Section I: Introduction. History of sleep research / R. Pelayo and C. Guilleminault
  • Section II: Definitions and descriptions of sleep. Sleep architecture / E.F. Pace-Schott ; Behavior and parasomnias (RSBD) / M.W. Mahowald, M.A. Cramer-Bornemann, and C.H. Schenck ; Sleep oscillations and PGO waves / M. Steriade ; PET activation patterns / T.T. Dang-Vu, M. Desseilles, P. Peigneux, S. Laureys, and P. Maquet ; Hippocampal-neocortical dialog / J.J. Chrobak, A. Sirota, and G. Buzáski ; Network reactivation / S. Ribeiro and M. Nicolelis ; Gene expression / C. Cirelli and G. Tononi
  • Section III: Ontogeny and phylogeny of sleep. Phylogeny and ontogeny of sleep / J.A. Lesku, D. Martinez-Gonzalez, and N.C. Rattenborg ; Sleep in adolescents / I. Tarokh and M.A. Carskadon ; Sleep in aging / M. Rissling and S. Ancoli-Israel
  • Section IV: Control of sleep and sleep states. Thalamic regulation of sleep / A. Destexhe and T.J. Sejnowski ; Hypothalamic regulation of sleep / P.M. Fuller and J. Lu ; Histamine / H.L. Haas, O. Selbach, and O.A. Sergeeva ; Cytokines and other neuromodulators / J.M. Krueger, L. Churchill, and D.M. Rector ; Locus coeruleus and Raphe nucleus / B.E. Jones ; Acetylcholine / B.E. Jones ; Dopamine / P.M. Fuller and J. Lu
  • Section V: Sleep and arousal states. Reticular activating system / E. Garcia-Rill ; Nightmares / M. Schredl ; Coma / S. Laureys, M. Boly, G. Moonen, and P. Maquet
  • Section VI: Circadian. Circadian regulation by the suprachiasmatic nucleus / D.J. Earnest ; Sleep: development and circadian control / H.C. Heller and M.G. Frank ; Sleep and waking in drosophila / C. Cirelli and G. Tononi ; Genetics of circadian disorders in humans / A.-M. Chang and P.C. Zee ; Circadian rhythms in sleepiness, alertness, and performance / J.D. Minkel and D.F. Dinges
  • Section VII: Pharmacology of sleep. Modafini, amphetamines, and caffeine / C. Ballas and D.F. Dinges ; Adenosine / R. Basheer, J.T. McKenna, and R.W. McCarley
  • Section VIII: Sleep function. Endocrine function during sleep and sleep deprivation / J.M. Mullington ; Immune function during sleep and sleep deprivation / J.M. Mullington ; Thermoregulation during sleep and sleep deprivation / R. Szymusiak ; Autonomic dysregulation during REM sleep / S.M. Caples and V.K. Somers ; Sleep-dependent memory processing / M.P. Walker ; Behavioral change with sleep deprivation / J.D. Minkel, S. Banks, and D.F. Dinges ; Sleep deprivation and brain function / S.P.A. Drummond and B.S. McKenna ; Napping / S.C. Medrick and S.P.A. Drummond
  • Section IX: Sleep disorders. Sleep apnea / S.C. Veasey ; Narcolepsy / E. Mignot and L. Lin ; Cataplexy / S. Nishino ; Sleeping sickness / M. Bentivoglio and K. Kristensson
  • Section X: Dreaming. Theories of dream function / D. Kuiken ; Sleep and consciousness / J.A. Hobson ; REM/REM differences in dream content / J.S. Antrobus and E.J. Wamsley ; Dreams and nightmares in PTSD / A. Germain and A. Zadra ; Theories and correlates of nightmares / T. Nielsen and R. Levin ; Incorporation of waking events into dreams / E.J. Wamsley and R. Stickgold.
1 online resource (xiv, 360 pages) : illustrations (some color)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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