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The Handbook of Municipal Bonds

Sylvan G. Feldstein, Frank J. Fabozzi, [editors]
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2008.
Frank J. Fabozzi series
9780470108758, 0470108754, 9780470283080, 0470283084
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Table of contents
  • Foreword (Christopher "Kit" Taylor) Preface. About the Editors. Contributing Authors. Part One: The Sell Side: The Originators of Deals.
  • Chapter 1. The Central Place of States and Local Governments in American Federalism (Richard Briffault)
  • Chapter 2. An Overview of Investment Banking (Herman R. Charbonneau)
  • Chapter 3. Role of the Financial Advisor (William H. Wood)
  • Chapter 4. Method of Sale in the Municipal Bond Market (Jun Peng, Kenneth A. Kriz, and Tracy Neish)
  • Chapter 5. The Role of Bond Counsel in Public Agency Financing (John L. Kraft)
  • Chapter 6. The Role of Counsel to the Underwriters (Mary G. Wilson)
  • Chapter 7. Summary of Federal Tax Requirements for Tax-Exempt Bonds (Perry E. Israel)
  • Chapter 8. The Role of the Municipal Bond Trustee (James E. Spiotto)
  • Chapter 9. The Last Resort for Financially Distressed Municipalities (James E. Spiotto)
  • Chapter 10. Subnational Infrastructure Finance in the Emerging Markets: A Financial Guaranty Perspective (Thomas H. Cochran, Anthony Pellegrini, David Stevens, Richard Torkelson, and David White)
  • Chapter 11. The Role of the Rating Agencies (Edward A. Rabson)
  • Chapter 12. Municipal Bond Refundings (William H. Wood)
  • Chapter 13. Public-Private Partnerships (Robert H. Muller)
  • Part Two: The Sell Side: Distribution and Market-Making Roles.
  • Chapter 14. The Role of Underwriter (Christopher J. Mier)
  • Chapter 15. The Roles of Traders and Brokers (JonPaul Zaptin)
  • Chapter 16. Municipal Arbitrage and Tender Option Bonds (Bart Mosley)
  • Chapter 17. Interest Rate Swaps and Their Application to Tax-Exempt Financing (Eric H. Chu, Craig Underwood, Thomas B. Fox, Jon A. McMahon, Roger L. Davis, Stephen A. Spitz, Albert Simons III, and George G. Wolf)
  • Chapter 18. The Regional Firm: Its Customers, Traders, and Institutional Salespeople (Mychele Lindvall)
  • Chapter 19. Changing Roles of Buyers and Sellers of Municipal Bonds: One Participant's View (William J. Darusmont)
  • Chapter 20. The Depository Trust Company and Real-Time Price Transparency (Sylvan G. Feldstein and David Ratner)
  • Chapter 21. i-Deal/Ipreo: the Transaction Platform (Allen Williams)-- Part Three: Compliance Issues.
  • Chapter 22. The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (Paul S. Maco and Jennifer Webster Taffe)
  • Chapter 23. The Role of the Securities and Exchange Commission (Paul S. Maco and Cristy C. Edwards)
  • Chapter 24. Sarbanes-Oxley and the Securities and Exchange Commission (Paul S. Maco)
  • Chapter 25. Using Auditing Techniques to Develop Investment Adviser Compliance Procedures (Kevin Reilly)
  • Chapter 26. Rule 2a-7: Legal and Research Issues for Tax-Exempt Money Market Funds 9Stephen A. Keen and Leslie K. Ross)
  • Part Four: Fixed Income Analysis of Municipal Products.
  • Chapter 27. Evaluation of Municipal Bonds (Gerard Brennan)
  • Chapter 28. Valuation of Municipal bonds with Embedded Options (Frank J. Fabozzi, Andrew Kalotay, and Michael P. Dorigan)
  • Chapter 29. Analyzing and Evaluating Tax-Exempt Indexed Floaters: Investor and Issuer Perspectives (Yingchen Li)
  • Chapter 30. Municipal Inverse Floating Rate Securities (Cadmus Hicks)
  • Chapter 31. Analyzing Portfolios Daily (Paul R. Daniels)
  • Chapter 32. Discovering Relative Value Using Custom Indices (Daniel J. Garrett)
  • Chapter 33. Municipal Bond Swaps (Evan C. Rourke)
  • Chapter 34. The Tax Treatment of Municipal Bonds (Martin J. Mauro and Philip Fischer)Part Five: The Buy Side: Institutional Investors.
  • Chapter 35. Managing a National Municipal Bond Fund (Alexander Grant)
  • Chapter 36. Managing a High-Yield Municipal Fund (Wayne Godlin, Jim Phillips, Bill Black, Barnet Sherman, Mark Paris, and Seth Horwitz)
  • Chapter 37. Managing Municipal bonds for Property and Casualty Insurance Companies for Total Return. (Karen Szerszen).
xliv, 1332 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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