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International Handbook of Research on Children's Literacy, Learning and Culture

edited by Kathy Hall, Teresa Cremin, Barbara Comber, and Luis Moll
Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
9780470975978, 0470975970
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"The International Handbook of Research in Children's Literacy, Learning and Culture presents a careful distillation of the current research in the field of primary years literacy studies"--
  • Part I. Society, culture, and community
  • 1. Literacies in homes and communities / Kate Pahl and Cathy Burnett
  • 2. Critical multimodal literacies: synergistic options and opportunities / Margaret Mackey and Margaret Shane
  • 3. Books, toys, and tablets: playing and learning the age of digital media / Helen Nixon and Erica Hateley
  • 4. LIteracy education in the age of new media / Bill Green and Catherine Beavis
  • 5. Connecting with parents and the community in an urban primary school: creative partnerships to build literacy/ies / Pat Thomson and Johanne Clifton
  • 6. At home and at school: bridging literacy for children from poor rural or marginalized urban communities / Celia R. Rosemberg, Alejandra Stein, and Florencia Alam
  • 7. Temporality, trajectory, and early literacy learning / Catherine Compton-Lilly
  • 8. 'This is a job for Hazmat Guy!': global media cultures and children's everyday lives / Victoria Carrington and Clare Dowdall
  • 9. Literacy as shared consciousness: a neurocultural analysis / Alicia Curtin and Kathy Hall
  • 10. An ethnographic long look: language and literacy over time and space in Alaska native communities / Perry Gilmore and Leisy Wyman
  • 11. Understanding English language learners' literacy from a cultural lens: an Asian perspective / Guofang Li
  • 12. Exploring multiple literacies from homes and communities: a cross-cultural comparative analysis / Iliana Reyes and Moisés Esteban-Guitart
  • 13. Funds of knowledge in changing communities / Luis C. Moll, Sandra L. Soto-Santiago, and Lisa Schwartz
  • 14. The hand of play in literacy learning / Shirley Brice Heath
  • Part II. School, culture, and pedagogy
  • 15. Building word and world knowledge in the early years / Susan B. Neuman, Ashley M. Pinkham, and Tanya Kaefer
  • 16. The unfulfilled pedagogical promise of the dialogic in writing: intertextual writing instruction for diverse settings / Rebecca Jesson, Judy Parr, and Stuart McNaughton
  • 17. Reading engagement research: issues and challenges / Sue Ellis and Cassandra S. Coddington
  • 18. Opening the classroom door to children's literature: a review of research / Evelyn Arizpe, Maureen Farrell, and Julie McAdam
  • 19. Writing in childhood cultures / Anne Haas Dyson and Sophie Dewayani
  • 20. Children's and teachers' creativity in and through language / Teresa Cremin and Janet Maybin
  • 21. Educational dialogues / Karen Littleton and Neil Mercer
  • 22. Literacy and curriculum: language and knowledge in the classroom / Peter Freebody, Eveline Chan, and Georgina Barton
  • 23. The digital challenge / Sandra Schamroth Abrams and Guy Merchant
  • 24. Digital literacies in the primary classroom / Rachael Levy, Dylan Yamada-Rice, and Jackie Marsh
  • 25. Developing online reading comprehension: changes, challenges, and consequences / Bernadette Dwyer
  • 26. Hybrid literacies in a post-hybrid world: making a case for navigating / Elizabeth Birr Moje
  • 27. Official literacy practices co-construct racialized bodies: three key ideas to further integrate cultural and 'racially literate' research / Karl Kitching
  • 28. Emotional investments and cries of truth: gender, class, and literacies / Stephanie Jones and Kristy Shackelford
  • 29. What does human geography have to do with classrooms? / Margaret Sheehy
  • 30. Space, place, and power: the spatial turn in literacy research / Kathy A. Mills and Barbara Comber
  • Part III. Teachers, culture, and identity
  • 31. On becoming teachers: knowing and believing / Jennifer I. Hathaway and Victoria J. Risko
  • 32. Reforming how we prepare teachers to teach literacy: Why? What? How? / Brian Cambourne and Julie Kiggins
  • 33. Teachers' literate identities / Toni Gennrich and Hilary Janks
  • 34. Constructing a collective identity: professional development for twenty-first century pedagogy / Catherine M. Weber and Taffy E. Raphael
  • 35. Raising literacy achievement levels through collaborative professional development / Eithne Kennedy and Gerry Shiel
  • 36. Teacher research on literacy: turning around to students and technology / Christopher S. Walsh and Barbara Kamler.
xlix, 528 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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