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Economic Theory Pamphlets: Vol. 8

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  • Allen, L.W. Limited capitalism, the road to unlimited prosperity.
  • Beatty, J.D. Personnel enhancement in school and industry.
  • Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America. American economic system compared with collectivism and dictatorship.
  • Econometric Society. International society for the advancement of economic theory in its relation to statistics and mathematics.
  • Gompers, S. American labor movement.
  • Gompers, S. Samuel Gomper's creed.
  • Good neighbor league, inc. Don't you want this kind of an America?-- Green, D.I. Value and its measurement.
  • Kooser, E.O. Trade and state.
  • Lincoln, L.A. Make haste slowly.
  • Metcalfe, M.M. Biology and industry..
  • Mill, J. Privilege and the effects of privilege.
  • Mitchell, W. C. National bureau enters its twentieth year.
  • Moulton, H. G. Economic progress without economic revolution.
  • National association of manufacturers of the United States of America. Industry's program for American progress 1939.
  • Ogden, G.D. Our national opportunity.
  • Tait, J. S. Our financial upheavals, their cause and cure.
  • Willkie, W.L. Government's relation to the power industry.
A collection of miscellaneous pamphlets.
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