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Fire Retardancy of Polymers [electronic resource]: New Strategies and Mechanisms

edited by T. Richard Hull, Baljinder K. Kandola
EBook; Book; Online
Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2009.
9780854041497, 0854041494
  • Polymers and fire / T.R. Hull and A.A. Stec
  • Synergy between nanometric alumina and organoclay in conventional fire retardant systems for ethylene-vinyl acetate / N. Cinausero ... [et al.]
  • Strained organophosphorus compounds as reactive flame retardants for polymeric materials / Bob A. Howell
  • Amorphous silicon dioxide as additive to improve the fire retardancy of polyamides / G. Schmaucks ... [et al.]
  • Use of organosilicone composites as flame retardant additives and coatings for polypropylene / B.B. Maorsfői ... [et al.]
  • Organomodified ultrafine kaolin for mechanical reinforcement and improved flame retardancy of recycled polyethylene terephthalate / B. Swoboda ... [et al.]
  • Complex micro-analysis assisted design of fire-retardant nanocomposites : contribution to the nanomechanism / A. Szabó ... [et al.]
  • Impact of nanoparticle shape on the flammability of nanocomposites / F. Yang, I. Bogdanova, and G.L. Nelson
  • Thermal and combustion behaviour of polymer-carbon nanofibre composites / D. Tabuani ... [et al.]
  • Combination of carbon nanotubes with fire retardants : thermal and fire properties of polystyrene nanocomposites / Florentina Tutunea and Charles A. Wilkie
  • Significant assessment of nanocomposites' combustion behaviour by the appropriate use of the cone calorimeter / A. Fina ... [et al.]
  • Phosphorus-based epoxy resin-nanoclay composites / Jianwei Hao, Yanbing Xiong and Na Wu
  • Study of the relationship between flammability and melt rheological properties of flame-retarded poly(butylene terephthalate) containing nanoclays / S. Nazare ... [et al.]
  • Thermal and fire performance of flame-retarded epoxy resin : investigating interaction between resorcinol bis(diphenyl phosphate) and epoxy nanocomposites / Charalampos Katsoulis, Everson Kandare and Baljinder K. Kandola
  • Porosity estimates of intumescent chars by image analysis / J.E.J. Staggs
  • Efficient modelling of temperatures in steel plates protected by intumescent coating in fire / J.F. Yuan and Y.C. Wang
  • Fire retardancy and fire protection of materials using intumescent coatings : a versatile solution? / S. Duquesne, M. Jimenez, and S. Bourbigot
  • Trends in textile flame retardants : a market review / R. Hicklin, R. Padda and G. Lenotte
  • New and potential textile flammability regulations and test methods within the USA / P.J. Wakelyn
  • Flame retardancy of cellulosic fabrics : interactions between nitrogen additives and phosphorus-containing flame retardants / Sabyasachi Gaan ... [et al.]
  • Synergistic flame retardant copolymeric polyacrylonitrile fibres containing dispersed phyllosilicate clays and ammonium polyphosphate / A.R. Horrocks ... [et al.]
  • Flame retardance of polyacrylonitriles covalently modified with phosphorus- and nitrogen-containing groups / John R. Ebdon ... [et al.]
  • Novel fire retardant backcoatings for textiles / M.A. Hassan
  • Effect of yarn, fabric construction and colour in respect of red reflectance and pigmentation on the thermal properties and limiting oxygen index of flame retardant polypropylene fabrics / C. Kindness, B.K. Kandola and A.R. Horrocks
  • Influence of fire retardants on toxic and environmental hazards from fires / David Purser
  • Assessment of fire toxicity from polymer nanocomposites / Anna A. Stec and T. Richard Hull.
Mode of access: World wide Web.
  • Papers arising from: "the 11th Meeting on Fire Retardant Polymers (FRPM'07) which took place in the Albert Halls in Bolton in July 2007"--p. v.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
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