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Mass Customisation and Personalisation in Architecture and Construction

edited by Poorang A.E. Piroozfar and Frank T. Piller
Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2013.
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Mass customization and personalization in architecture and construction
9780415622837, 0415622832, 9780415622844, 0415622840, 9780203437735 (ebook)
  • Mass customization in the built environment, architecture and construction : an introduction / Poorang Piroozfar and Frank Piller
  • Three capabilities that make mass customisation work / Frank Piller
  • Advancements of mass customisation in service and manufacturing industries : lessons for the built environment / Poorang Piroozfar
  • The next wave in housing personalisation : customised residential fit-out / Steven H. Kendall
  • Spatial mass customisation : mass-customisable urban spaces and spatial entities / Eric R.P. Farr
  • Conceptualising the use of system products and system deliveries in the building industry / Lars Hvam ... [et al.]
  • Product and process approaches / Martin Bechthold
  • Customisable architectural systems : emerging types of integrated product deliveries in the building industry / Kasper S. Vibœk
  • Design and construction of three-dimensional lightweight timber grid sturctures explored through a mass-customised approach / Olga Popovic Larsen
  • Robot oriented construction management / Thomas Bock and Thomas Linner
  • Economic analysis of customised apartments / Guohua Tang and Mitchell M. Tseng
  • Emerging trends and concepts of mass customisation in Taiwan's housing industry / Kung-Jen Tu and Hao-Yang Wei
  • Automation, robotics, services : evolution of large-scale mass customisation in the Japanese building industry / Thomas Linner and Thomas Bock
  • Commercialisation principles for low-carbon mass customised housing delivery in Japan / Masa Noguchi
  • Mass customised structures for relief : physical production with digital fabrication / Lawrence Sass and Daniel Smithwick
  • Two case studies of mass customisation and digital fabrication in building industry / Ingrid Paoletti
  • Stylemachine, case study : mass tailoring the housing block apartments on the internet / Tomas Westerholm
  • Enabling mass customisation in construction : making the long tail work / Christian Thuesen, Jens S. Jensen and Stefan C. Gottlieb
  • The application of game theory to customisation strategies in the construction industry / Ghashang Piroozfar and Poorang Piroozfar
  • A shift in the order of use : 'user informed objects' / Assa Ashuach.
xxiii, 248 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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