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Networks in the Hellenistic World: According to the Pottery in the Eastern Mediterranean and Beyond

edited by Nina Fenn, Christiane Römer-Strehl
Oxford : Archaeopress, 2013.
BAR international series
9781407311579, 1407311573
"This volume contains papers presented at the international conference 'Networks in the Hellenistic world - according to the pottery in the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond' which took place at the universities of Cologne and Bonn 23rd-26th February 2011. The organizers, all specialists in Hellenistic pottery of different regions in the Eastern Mediterranean, invited participants working from the Adriatic Sea to Asia Minor and up to Central Asia to consider their material according to the common platform of networks and exchange systems."--Publisher's web site.
  • Preface
  • Aims of the conference / Nina Fenn & Christine Römer-Strehl
  • Greece. 'Small things remembered': the under-theorized domestic material culture of Hellenistic Greece / D. Graham J. Shipley
  • Bion International: branch pottery workshops in the Hellenistic Aegean / Susan I. Rotroff
  • Handelswege. Das Warenspektrum einer Werkstatt frühhellenistischer Zeit im Demos Kerameis / Norbert Eschbach
  • Reliefkeramik aus dem Athena-Heiligtum von Eretria. Kontakte einer Stadt Euböas zum zentralen und nördlichen Griechenland / Guy Ackermann
  • Western Greece and West Slope pottery: a reversible lid from Chalkis Aitolias / Elizabeth Bollen
  • Die hellenistische Keramik Makedoniens ausserhalb des Landes / Stella Drougou & Ioannis Touratsoglou
  • Hellenistic kantharoi, their production centres and their distribution in the eastern Mediterranean / Chrysanthi Kallini
  • Frühhellenistische Keramik aus Pydna: Hinweise auf regionale und überregionale Kontakte / Zoi Kotitsa
  • The category of the so called pseudo-Cypriot amphoras and their distribution in Cyprus, Greece and the Black Sea / Lydia-Antonia Trakatelli
  • Attische und attisierende Gefäss- und Verzierungstypen in Demetrias. Ein Produktionsort hellenistischer Keramik im Spiegel seiner Wirtschaftsbeziehungen / Horst Seilheimer
  • Albania. Überblick über die hellenistischen Transportamphoren von Lissos/Albanien / Bashkim Lahi
  • Processus d'imitations dans les productions illyriennes d'époque hellénistique: le cas des lécythes de l'Artémision de Dyrrhachion / Eduard Shehi & Anne Tichit
  • Bitumenrückstände an Keramik aus der griechisch-illyrischen Stadt Apollonia / Manuel Fiedler & Gregor Döhner
  • Greek Island. La céramique hellénistique à Délos: essai de quantification des productions dans le matériel des fouilles de l'Aphrodision de Stèsiléos / Jean-Sébastien Gros
  • Importations et imitations de céramiques occidentales à Délos à la fin de l'époque hellénistique tardive / Annette Peignard-Giros
  • Turkey. Pottery production in Pergamon - a short overview / Sarah Japp
  • Nets working for Ephesos - using the example of Pergamenian imports in Ephesus during the Roman occupation period / Asuman Lätzer-Lasar
  • Connections near and far: Hellenistic pottery at Phrygian Gordion / Shannan Stewart
  • A pottery kiln underneath the Odeon of ancient Sagalassos. The excavation results, the table wares and their archaeometrical analysis / Jeroen Poblome, Philip Bes, Mark van der Enden, Bert Neyt, Bart de Graeve & Patrick Degryse
  • Cradle of ceramics - the emergence of Eastern Sigillata B in the Hellenistic east / Nina Fenn
  • Cyprus. Cypriot transport amphorae as evidence of the island's trade links during the Hellenistic period / Agata Dobosz
  • Eastern Cyprus and the northern Levantine coast: the ceramic connection / John Lund
  • Egypt. Something old, something new: native cultures under Ptolemaic rule / Andrea Berlin
  • Céramiques d'Égypte de la fin IVe siècle av. J.-C. au IIIe siècle av. J.-C.: entre tradition et innovation / Sylvie Marchand
  • The eastern Marmarica (NW-Egypt) - pottery production and networking in a semiarid region / Heike Möller & Anna-Katharina Rieger
  • Exchange of polychromatic painting techniques between Egypt and Greece / Isabella Hodgson
  • Levant up to central Asia. Hellenistische Keramik im nordsyrischen Hinterland - Funde vom Dülük Baba Tepesi / Eva Strothenke
  • Überlegungen zur Eastern Sigillata A / Norbert Kramer
  • Hidden in PLAIN sight: ceramic assemblages and daily life in the Ptolemaic Southern Levant / Peter Stone
  • The Hellenistic pottery from Tall Zira'a in northern Jordan - material from a village within the spheres of influence of the Decapolis cities Gadera, Gerasa and Pella / Frauke Kenkel
  • Hellenistic Pottery from Palmyra: imports and local production in a city between cultural and political frontiers / Christiane Römer-Strehl
  • Vaisselle hellénistique à Europos-Doura: importations et productions locales / Françoise Alabe
  • Pottery imports to Hellenistic Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates / Heather Jackson & John Tidmarsh
  • The dynamics of exchange and Innovation in the oasis city of Merv / Gabriele Puschnigg
  • La céramique hellénistique en Asie centrale / Bertille Lyonnet
  • Perspectives. Hellenistic pottery in a wider perspective - on the use and misuse of the application of network theory to material culture / Stefan Riedel
  • Concluding remarks / Nina Fenn & Christine Römer-Strehl.
vi, 382 pages : illustrations, maps ; 30 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
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BAR international series ; 2539
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