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Making Thatcher's Britain

edited by Ben Jackson and Robert Saunders
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
9781107012387 (hardback), 1107012384 (hardback), 9781107683372 (paperback), 1107683378 (paperback)
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"Margaret Thatcher was one of the most controversial figures of modern times. Her governments inspired hatred and veneration in equal measure and her legacy remains fiercely contested. Yet assessments of the Thatcher era are often divorced from any larger historical perspective. This book draws together leading historians to locate Thatcher and Thatcherism within the political, social, cultural and economic history of modern Britain. It explores the social and economic crises of the 1970s; Britain's relationships with Europe, the Commonwealth and the United States; and the different experiences of Thatcherism in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The book assesses the impact of the Thatcher era on class and gender and situates Thatcherism within the Cold War, the end of Empire and the rise of an Anglo-American 'New Right'. Drawing on the latest available sources, it opens a wide-ranging debate about the Thatcher era and its place in modern British history"--
  • Introduction: varieties of Thatcherism / Ben Jackson and Robert Saunders
  • Part I. Making Thatcherism: 1. 'Crisis? What crisis?': Thatcherism and the seventies / Robert Saunders; 2. Think-tank archipelago: Thatcherism and neo-liberalism / Ben Jackson; 3. Thatcher, monetarism and the politics of inflation / Jim Tomlinson; 4. Thatcherism, morality and religion / Matthew Grimley; 5. 'A nation or no nation?': Enoch Powell and Thatcherism / Camilla Schofield
  • Part II. Thatcher's Britain: 6. Thatcher and the women's vote / Laura Beers; 7. Margaret Thatcher and the decline of class politics / Jon Lawrence and Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite; 8. Defiant dominoes: working miners and the 1984-85 strike / David Howell; 9. Thatcherism, unionism and nationalism: a comparative study of Scotland and Wales / Richard Finlay; 10. 'Just another country?': the Irish question in the Thatcher years / Marc Mulholland
  • Part III. Thatcherism and the Wider World: 11. Thatcherism and the Cold War / Richard Vinen; 12. Europe and America / Andrew Gamble; 13. Decolonisation and imperial aftershocks: the Thatcher years / Stephen Howe
  • Appendices / Prepared by Peter Sloman.
xiii, 353 pages ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 278-345) and index.
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