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The Church on Its Past

edited by Peter D. Clarke and Charlotte Methuen
New York : Ecclesiastical History Society : Boydell Press, 2013.
Studies in church history
9780954681012, 0954681010
  • Churches' use of the past
  • Intimations of a massacre : Thessalonica, Theodosius I and self-ironization in Socrates Scholasticus's historia ecclesiastica / Luke Gardiner
  • Constructing the apostolic past : the case of Dionysius the Areopagite / Andrew Louth
  • Biblical history and the end of times : seventh-century Christian accounts of the rise of Islam / Jessica Lee Ehinger
  • Bede on the Jewish church / Conor O'Brien
  • Deposit of monastic faith : the Carolingians on the essence of monasticism / Renie Choy
  • Remembering Pope Gregory VII : Cardinal Boso and Alexander III / John Doran
  • Honorius III and the Crusade : responsive papal government versus the memory of his predecessors / Thomas W. Smith
  • Carmelites and crusading in the later Middle Ages / Andrew Jotischky
  • An Anglican view of the Crusades : Thomas Fuller's the historie of the holy warre / Bernard Hamilton
  • Using the past against the papacy : Luther's appeal to church history in his anti-papal writings / Charlotte Methuen
  • Polydore Vergil and ecclesiastical historiography in his de inventoribus rerum IV-VIII / Jonathan Arnold
  • Historian or prophet? John Bale's perception of the past / Susan Royal
  • 'Holding up a lamp to the sun' : Hiberno-Papal relations and the construction of Irish Orthodoxy in John Lynch's cambrensis eversus (1662) / Salvador Ryan
  • Gilbert Burnet : an ecclesiastical historian and the invention of the English Restoration era / Tony Claydon
  • Medieval church in early Methodism and anti-Methodism / Chris Wilson
  • Representing and misrepresenting the history of Puritanism in eighteenth-century England / Robert G. Ingram
  • Archbishop Tait, the Huguenots and the French church at Canterbury / Andrew Spicer
  • Memorializing 1662 : Hampshire Congregationalists and the 250th anniversary of the Great Ejection / Rosalind Johnson and Roger Ottewill
  • Church of England in the Diocese of London : what does history have to offer to the present-day church? / John Wolffe
  • Changing perspectives on church history
  • What did women do for the early church? the recent history of a question / Judith M. Lieu
  • Changing historical perspectives on the English Reformation : the last fifty years / Diarmaid MacCulloch
  • Historiography of the Scottish Reformation : the Catholics fight back? / Stephen Mark Holmes
  • Patrick Boyle, the Irish colleges and the historiography of Irish Catholicism / Liam Chambers
  • Th Evangelical discovery of history / David W. Bebbington
  • Insider and outsider history : theories of Quaker origins from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / Rosemary Moore
  • Histories of heterodoxy : shifting approaches to a millenarian tradition in modern church history / Philip Lockley
  • Re-visioning the past and re-sourcing the future : the unresolved historiographical struggle in Roman Catholic scholarship and authoritative teaching / Kenneth L. Parker
  • Development of G. G. Coulton's critique of the Roman Catholic school of history / Alex Corio-- Money matters :L the neglect of finance in the historiography of modern Christianity / Sarah Flew
  • Part III. Church and state in history
  • Church and state, religion and power in late antique and Byzantine scholarship of the last five decades / Claudia Rapp
  • Church and state in early modern ecclesiastical historiography / Anthony Milton
  • Fall and rise of church and state? religious history, politics and the state in Britain, 1961-2011 / Matthew Grimley.
xxvi, 512 p. ; 23 cm.
  • Papers read at the 2011 Summer Meeting and the 2012 Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society.
  • Includes bibliographical references.
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Studies in church history ; v. 49
Studies in church history v. 49
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