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Counterpoint: Essays in Archaeology and Heritage Studies in Honour of Professor Kristian Kristiansen

edited by Sophie Bergerbrant, Serena Sabatini
Oxford : Archaeopress, 2013.
BAR international series
1407311263, 9781407311265
  • Tabula gratulatoria
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Kristian Kristiansen bibliography
  • Beyond academia. Family life / Niels Hedeager Kristiansen
  • Six periodic encounters with Kristian Kristiansen / Joakim Goldhahn
  • On the organization of European Archaeology / Willem J.H. Willems
  • 'The EAA is up and running': behind the scenes of the inaugural meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists / Predrag Novaković
  • Landscape, demography and subsistence economy. Changes during the late mesolithic in the central Scandinavian inland / Per Persson
  • The stone age flood in Denmark and Mesopotamia / Anders Fischer
  • Vegetarians or meat eaters? Enamel [delta]13c and neolithic diet at the Frälsegården Passage Tomb, central Sweden / Karl-Göran Sjögren and T. Douglas Price
  • The steppe and the Caucasus during the Bronze age: mutual relationships and mutual enrichments / Natalia Shishlina
  • Catchments, settlement chambers and demography: case studies and general theory in the Greek landscape from prehistory to early modern times / John Bintliff
  • Expecting the unexpected: Százhalombatta-Földvár surprises once again / Magdolna Vicze
  • Seeds from the fire: charred plant remains from Kristian Kristiansen's excavations in Sweden, Denmark, Hungary And Sicily / Hans-Peter Stika and Andreas G. Heiss
  • 'Zone 4' - Bronze Age settlement in Thy, north-west Denmark: an update on an old discussion about a boom and possible subsequent crisis / Jens-Henrik Bech and Karen Margrethe Hornstrup
  • Herder communities: longhouses, cattle and landscape organization in the Nordic early and middle Bronze Age / Mads Kähler Holst and Marianne Rasmussen
  • Fields / Chris Gosden
  • The nature of focal places / Joel Berglund
  • Rituals, hoards and wetlands. Zoomorphic sceptres and the unicorn / Leo S. Klejn
  • Bronze age horses: beyond dualist explanations / Kristin Armstrong Oma
  • Lady of the battle and of the horse: on anthropomorphic gods and their cult in late Bronze Age Scandinavia / Jeanette Varberg
  • Budsene for better and for worse: diffractions of the lives of farmer women in the late Bronze Age / Tove Hjørungdal
  • Bronze Age voyaging and cosmologies in the making: the helmets from Viksø revisited / Helle Vandkilde
  • Bronze Age hoards and their role in social structure: a case study from south-west Zealand / Svend Hansen
  • An archaeological outline of ritual dynamics and social space / Alexander Gramsch and Thomas Meier
  • Violent death and wetlands: skeletal remains from Gotland / Sophie Bergerbrant, Christina Fredengren, Petra Molnar and Camilla Löfqvist
  • From foot to fact: new light on the Fræer bog find / Ulla Mannering and Niels Lynnerup
  • Symbols of identity: a phenomenon from the migration period based on an example from Finnestorp / Bengt Nordqvist
  • Rock art. Deer, goats, suns, faces and geometric designs: symbols of power in prehistoric pottery from Atlantic Europe / M. Pilar Prieto Martínez
  • Violence and virility / Christian Horn
  • Footprints on the rock faces - following the tracks of cosmological archetypes and pictograms for millennia of prehistory / Ulf Bertilsson
  • Rock art ships as a method for dating / Lasse Bengtsson
  • Rock art, agency and society / Per Cornell and Johan Ling
  • Round and round we go - with concentric circles / Flemming Kaul
  • An epos carved in stone: three heroes, one giant twin, and a cosmic task / Lene Melheim
  • Graves and burial monuments. Setting her even straighter: further notes on the osteology and necrodynamics of the mesolithic burial from Barum, Scania, Sweden / Torbjörn Ahlström
  • Local logic, passage graves and the neolithic landscape of Falbygden / Tony Axelsson
  • Towards a border - traces of megalithic ritual in the Norwegian fjord country / Einar Østmo
  • Expansion and social change at the time of Varna / John Chapman
  • What distinguishes Caucasian megaliths from European ones? / Viktor Trifonov
  • Bronze Age megalomania / Henrik Thrane
  • Making history: ritual variation in pre-Christian Viking age reuse of Bronze Age monuments in Halland, south-western Sweden / Tore Artelius
  • Materiality and social concerns. The 3M: materiality, materialism and materialization / Timothy Earle
  • Cosmologies in clay: Swedish helmet bowls in the middle Bronze Age of the Carpathian Basin / Joanna Sofaer
  • In small things remembered: scale, materiality and miniatures in the British early Bronze Age / Andrew Jones
  • Drinking in times of crisis: alcohol and social change in late Bronze Age Italy / Cristiano Iaia
  • The culture of the early Iron Age in the south-western regions of Poland in the light of new research / Bogusław Gediga
  • Having an axe to grind: an examination of tradition in the Sicilian Iron Age / Christian Mühlenbock
  • Golden nodes - linking memory to time and place / Elisabeth Arwill-Nordbladh
  • A choreography of furniture: the art of sitting, standing up and lying down / Jarl Nordbladh
  • The playful archaeologist: an approach to gaming remains from Bronze Age Mohenjo-Daro / Elke Rogersdotter
  • A sword for the chief - a conversation with Kristian / Marie Louise Stig Sørensen
  • Technology and craftsmanship. Missed innovation: the earliest copper daggers in northern central Europe and southern Scandinavia / Johannes Müller
  • The flintknapper and the bronzesmith / Deborah Olausson
  • A zooarchaeological perspective on the origins of metallurgy in the north European plain: butchering marks on bones from central Poland / Arkadiusz Marciniak And Haskel Greenfield
  • Travels, transmissions and transformations - and textiles / Marie-Louise Nosch, Ulla Mannering, Eva Andersson Strand and Karin Margarita Frei
  • Petrographic, LA-ICP-MS and XRD analyses of Hallstatt ceramics from a Scythian age settlement in north Hungary / Attila Kreiter, Szabolcs Czifra, Éva Széles, Mária Tóth and Orsolya Viktorik
  • A Bronze Age ship made of stone: record and analysis of a ship setting from Lau, Gotland / Peter Skoglund and Joakim Wehlin
  • Ships in stone: ship-like stone settings, war canoes and sailing ships in Bronze Age southern Scandinavia / Magnus Artursson
  • There was snow in the Bronze Age - the role of winter in spreading innovations in the Bronze Age / Jussi-Pekka Taavitsainen And Timo Kuokkanen
  • Travel and transmission. Boundaries, flows and connectivities: mobility and stasis in the Bronze Age / Michael Rowlands and Johan Ling
  • Archaeology from the Dutch twilight zone / Harry Fokkens, Patrick Valentijn and David Fontijn
  • Dilmun: beyond the southern frontier of Mesopotamia / Flemming Hojlund
  • Leaving safe harbours: movement to immobility, homogeneity to diversification. A comparative archaeological sequence from the western Pacific / Matthew Spriggs
  • Mysterious raw material from the far north: amber in Mycenaean culture / Janusz Czebreszuk
  • The importance of foreign young men / Anders Andrén
  • Problematizing the past. Genes and agents: closing the theoretical gap / John C. Barrett
  • Human-thing evolution: the selection and persistence of traits at Çatalhöyük, Turkey / Ian Hodder
  • Beaker period Europe - fighting, feuding or the enemy within? / Nick Thorpe
  • Italy in late Bronze Age europe: from margin to counterpoint / Emma Blake
  • Recurrent themes: indo-europeans in Norwegian archaeology / Christopher Prescott
  • Collapse or resilience? Archaeology, metaphor and global warming / Orri Vésteinsson
  • On rivers, mountains, seas and ideas - or what vast spaces and long lines mean to culture and history / Carsten Paludan-Müller
  • Theoria est ancilla rationis politicae? The Neolithic revolution in the archaeological research of socialist Hungary / Eszter Bánffy
  • Venezuela: revolution, history and cultural identity / Iraida Vargas Arenas and Mario Sanoja Obediente
  • Sherlock against Lestrade: a study in scale / Fredrik Fahlander
  • Archaeology in the making: the human face of pasts-in the-present / Michael Shanks
  • Practices of archaeology. Time traveller: Montelius and the British Bronze Age after 100 years / Richard Bradley
  • Antiquarianism reconsidered: semi-professional antiquarians and antiquarian field practice
  • In Sweden in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries / Ola Wolfhechel Jensen and Åsa Jensen
  • Visiting museums - a personal story / Lise Bender Jørgensen
  • Reflections and hypotheses on underwater prehistory in the central Mediterranean / Sebastiano Tusa
  • Tales from the beech forest: laser scanning project at Monte Cimino (Italy) Hillfort / Serena Sabatini, Christopher Sevara, Martin Fera, Jakob Kainz and Petra Schneidhofer
  • Construction archaeology, fieldwork and theory / Marianne Lönn and Håkan Petersson
  • Restoration of megalithic tombs in Denmark / Torben Dehn, Svend Illum Hansen and Jørgen Westphal
  • The route to a history of the cultural landscape: a Danish record of prehistoric and historic roads, tracks and related structures / Jette Bang
  • Heritage studies. Cultural heritage: values and ownership / Zbigniew Kobyliński
  • The management of heritage sites - in need of a vital spark? / Maria Persson and Anita Synnestvedt
  • From nuclear missile hangar to pigsty: an archaeological photo-essay on the 1962 world crisis / Mats Burström, Anders Gustafsson and Håkan Karlsson
  • Heritage futures and the future of heritage / Cornelius Holtorf and Anders Högberg
  • A heritage of conflict, and conflicts of heritage / John Carman
  • Wrapping up. Female clothing and jewellery in the nordic Bronze Age / Kristian Kristiansen.
xxvi, 769 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 30 cm.
  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • "Kristian Kristiansen bibliography" -- pages xix-xxvi.
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BAR international series ; 2508
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