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TEDTalks [electronic resource]: Garrett Lisi - a Beautiful New Theory of Everything

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Physicist Garrett Lisi has proposed a new "theory of everything" - a grand unified theory that explains all the elementary particles as well as gravity. His theory is based on a mathematical shape called E8. With 248 symmetries, E8 is large, complex, and beautiful, and Lisi believes the relationships of its symmetries correspond to known particles and forces, including gravity. His work, explained in his paper "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything," and in an ongoing discussion on FOXi, is still on science's speculative fringe. In this TEDTalk, Lisi presents a controversial new model of the universe that attempts to answer all the big questions while pointing a way to a truly unified theory.
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22 min.
11 & up
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Variant Title
Beautiful New Theory of Everything
Garrett Lisi
Garrett Lisi - A Beautiful New Theory of Everything
  • Coral Polyps Genetically Identical, but Individual (1:39)
  • What Quantum Mechanics Tells Us (1:04)
  • Possibilities Predicted by Physics and Quantum Mechanics (1:11)
  • Particles (1:41)
  • Importance of the Higgs Particle (1:54)
  • Nature Keeps a Perfect Balance (1:35)
  • The Importance of Patterns in Particle Scales (2:49)
  • Triality Symmetry and Mathematical Shape E8 (2:12)
  • Nature and Mathematics Connected (2:22)
  • Living a Balanced Life (1:39)
  • Electrons in Relation to the "E8" Theory (2:51)
  • Credits: Learning Objects: TEDTalks: Garrett Lisi - A Beautiful New Theory of Everything (0:04)
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