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The Quantum Tamers [electronic resource]: Revealing Our Weird and Wired Future

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Beginning with a condensed history of classical and quantum physics to contextualize the current state of quantum science, this highly visual program takes viewers to the frontiers of quantum computation. Wave-particle duality, entanglement and superposition, the EPR Paradox, Schrödinger's Cat, the famous double-slit experiment, and the "noisy observer effect" flash by like road markers on this high-speed journey to the realm of quantum teleportation, quantum cryptography, and quantum computing. Stephen Hawking and 18 other quantum visionaries provide clear and insightful explanations in this clever and sophisticated introduction to an extremely complex subject - and exciting preview of our weird and wired future! Participating scientists include Dorit Aharonov, Alain Aspect, David Cory, Joseph Emerson, Nicolas Gisin, Daniel Gottesman, Lucien Hardy, Stephen Hawking, Raymond Laflamme, Seth Lloyd, Gerard Milburn, Peter Shor, Barbara Terhal, Andrew White, David Wineland, Stuart Wolf, William K. Wootters, Anton Zeilinger, and Wojciech Zurek.
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52 min.
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  • Encoded with permission for digital streaming by Films Media Group on Jan. 28, 2010.
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Variant Title
Revealing our weird and wired future
  • Classical Physics (1:18)
  • Quantum Age of Physics (1:22)
  • Max Planck and Albert Einstein (1:05)
  • Niels Bohr and Quantum Physics (0:54)
  • Discovery of Quantum Theory (1:08)
  • Double-Slit Experiment (1:18)
  • Demonstration of Double-Slit Experiment (1:03)
  • Classical vs. Quantum Physics (0:58)
  • Quantum Physics: Observation (1:12)
  • Quantum Superposition Principle (1:13)
  • Schrodingers Cat Experiment (1:28)
  • ERP Paradox (2:00)
  • Quantum Mechanics (1:16)
  • Entanglement Theory (1:11)
  • Irish Physicist John Bell (1:28)
  • Physicist's Experiment (2:01)
  • Photon Proof of Entanglement (1:16)
  • Stephen Hawking on Einstein (1:06)
  • Quantum Mechanics: Light and Matter (1:25)
  • Physical Nature of Information (1:16)
  • Bit: Unit of Information (1:00)
  • Quantum Bits (1:05)
  • Atomic Clocks and Quantum Computers (1:07)
  • Quantum Computer Memory (1:18)
  • Quantum Simulations (1:24)
  • Quantum Mechanics and Sensors (1:40)
  • Quantum Computers and Factoring (1:07)
  • Quantum Cryptography (1:07)
  • Quantum Teleportation (0:41)
  • Teleportation Experiment (2:00)
  • Theoretical Model of Quantum Computer (1:22)
  • Quantum Computer: Isolation (1:03)
  • Atoms in Superposition (1:17)
  • Quantum Computer: What Would It Look Like? (0:51)
  • Science: Discovery and Innovation (1:03)
  • Application of Quantum Mechanics (1:08)
  • Future of Quantum Mechanics (0:48)
  • Quantum Mechanics: Transformation of Technology (0:52)
New York, N.Y. : Films Media Group, [2010], c2009.
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41312 Films Media Group
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