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Gone Sideways [electronic resource]: Serendipity in Science

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
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Chance plays an enormous role in many major scientific discoveries. In this program, host David Suzuki explores three serendipitous, or chance, findings in medical, technological, and paleontological research. Segment one focuses on Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming, who stumbled upon penicillin when his poor housekeeping allowed mold to start growing on a petri dish of bacteria. Segment two spotlights amateur inventor George de Mestral, who took a walk, noticed burs adhering to his clothing, examined their structure under his microscope, and went on to create Velcro. And segment three tells the story of a railroad surveyor working in British Columbia who unintentionally found trilobite fossils in the rocks. Includes discussion of what makes serendipitous discoveries possible.
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44 min.
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Variant Title
Serendipity in Science
  • Discovery of X-Rays (1:20)
  • Chance Discoveries: X-Rays and Penicillin (1:45)
  • Scientific Labs: "Limited Sloppiness" (1:06)
  • Fleming's Penicillin (1:04)
  • Chance Discovery: Phonograph (1:41)
  • What Is Serendipity? (1:20)
  • Serendipity in Action (1:06)
  • Discovery of Antifreeze Proteins (1:30)
  • Who Makes Serendipitous Discoveries? (1:01)
  • Louis Pasteur (1:54)
  • Birth of Viagra (1:09)
  • Breakthrough in Orthodontics (1:44)
  • Orthodontics and Nanotechnology (1:26)
  • Serendipity and Skepticism (1:18)
  • Discovery of Velcro (2:18)
  • Breakthroughs in Science and Technology (1:54)
  • Serendipitous Discoveries (1:12)
  • Invention of Microwave Oven (1:22)
  • Systematic Serendipity (1:12)
  • Chance Discovery (1:14)
  • Simulation of Chance Discovery (1:11)
  • Error and Serendipity (1:05)
  • Discovery of Prehistoric Fossils (1:50)
  • What Makes a Fossil? (1:46)
  • Inhabitants of the Cambrian Sea (1:38)
  • Fossils Discovery in Canadian Rockies (1:40)
  • Freedom to Discover (1:29)
  • Discovery of the Expanding Universe (1:36)
  • Chance and the Pursuit of Innovation (1:10)
New York, N.Y. : Films Media Group, [2009], c2008.
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