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Capybara [electronic resource]: Biology, Use and Conservation of an Exceptional Neotropical Species

José Roberto Moreira ... [et al.], editors
EBook; Book; Online
New York : Springer, c2013.
9781461439998 (alk. paper), 146143999X (alk. paper)
  • Taxonomy, natural history and distribution of the capybara / José Roberto Moreira ... [et al.]
  • Paleontology, evolution and systematics of capybara / María Guimar Vucetich, Cecilia M. Deschamps, and María E. Pérez
  • Phylogenetics of caviomorph rodents and genetic perspectives on the evolution of sociality and mating systems in the Caviidae / Rodney L. Honeycutt
  • Foraging strategies and feeding habits of capybaras / Guillermo R. Barreto and Rubén D. Quintana
  • Capybara digestive adaptations / Emilio A. Herrera
  • Reproductive morphology and physiology of the male capybaras / Tarcízio A.R. Paula and Nicholas J. Walker
  • Morphology and reproductive physiology of female capybaras / Maria Angélica Miglino ... [et al.]
  • Capybara demographic traits / José Roberto Moreira ... [et al.]
  • Diseases of capybara / Gerardo Rubén Cueto
  • Capybara scent glands and scent-marking behavior / David W. Macdonald and Emilio A. Herrera
  • Capybara social behavior and use of space : patterns and processes / Emilio A. Herrera
  • Products and uses of capybaras / Max S. Pinheiro and José Roberto Moreira
  • Confined and semi-confined production systems for capybaras / Sérgio L.G. Nogueira-Filho, Max S. Pinheiro, and Selene S.C. Nogueira
  • Social and spatial relationships of capybaras in a semi-confined production system / Katia Maria P.M.B. Ferraz ... [et al.]
  • Feeds and nutrition of farmed capybaras / Alcester Mendes and Sérgio L.G. Nogueira-Filho
  • The impact of management practices on female capybara reproductive parameters in captivity / Sérgio L.G. Nogueira-Filho and Selene S.C. Nogueira
  • The sustainable management of capybaras / José Roberto Moreira ... [et al.]
  • Capybaras as a source of protein : utilization and management in Venezuela / Emilio A. Herrera and Guillermo R. Barreto
  • Conservation and use of the capybara and the lesser capybara in Colombia / Juanita Aldana-Domínguez, Maria Isabel Vieira-Muñoz, and Patricia Bejarano
  • Capybara production in Brazil : captive breeding or sustainable management? / José Roberto Moreira and Max S. Pinheiro
  • Use of capybaras in Argentina / Rubén D. Quintana and María Luisa Bolkovic
  • Counting capybaras / Luciano M. Verdade, José Roberto Moreira, and Katia Maria P.M.B. Ferraz
  • Brazilian spotted fever : the role of capybaras / Marcelo B. Labruna
  • The capybara paradigm : from sociality to sustainability / David W. Macdonald ... [et al.].
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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