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Current Issues in Nursing: [Edited by] Perle Slavik Cowen, Sue Moorhead

Cowen, Perle Slavik; Moorhead, Sue; John D & Phyllis S Harrah Library Fund
St. Louis, Mo. : Mosby Elsevier, c2011.
8th ed
9780323065719 (pbk. : alk. paper), 0323065716 (pbk. : alk. paper)
  • section 1: Defining nursing from a variety of roles
  • Overview: The richness of nursing / Perle Slavik Cowen and Sue Moorhead
  • 1.What is nursing, why do we ask, and how will nursing be better understood / Meridean L. Maas
  • 2. Staff nurses working in hospitals: who are they, what do they do, and what are their challenges? / Ellen Cram
  • 3. Clinical nurse specialists: education and practice issues / Kelly A. Goudreau
  • 4. Nurse practitioners: taking their place in the health care arena / Kathy J. Morris
  • 5. Nurse executives: critical thinking for rapid change / SueEllen Pinkerton and Rose Rivers
  • 6. The nurse as chief executive office / Nancy A. Formella
  • 7. Nurse educators: issues that affect the profession / Anita M. Stineman and Paula R. Mobily
  • 8. Nurse researchers: who are they, what do they do, and what are their challenges? / Nancy A. Stotts and Deidre D. Wipke-Tevis
  • section 2: Changing education
  • Overview: Nursing education in transition / Perle Slavik Cowen and Sue Moorhead
  • 9. Creating the future of nursing education: challenges and opportunities / Theresa M. Valiga and Mary Champagne
  • 10. Educational challenges: quality in prelicensure nursing education / Kathryn J. Dolter
  • 11. Graduate nursing education: a critical examination from a global perspective / Michele J. Upvall
  • 12. International collaborative institutional approaches to nursing education / Tess Judge-Ellis and Connie Trowbridge
  • 13. Using academic-service collaborative partnerships to expand professional nursing programs / Christine L. Latham
  • 14. Creating the nursing theory-research-practice nexus / Howard K. Butcher
  • 15. E-learning / Diane J. Skiba
  • section 3: Changing practice
  • Overview: Nursing specialties / Perle Slavik Cowen and Sue Moorhead
  • 16. Moving the care from hospital to home / Lucille A. Joel
  • 17. Adult health nursing practice: recent changes and current issues / Cecelia Gatson Grindel and Mary E. Grindel
  • 18. Alternative and complementary therapies: recent changes and current issues / Charlotte Eliopoulos
  • 19. Ambulatory care nursing: challenges for the twenty-first century / Sheila A. Haas and Ida M. Androwich
  • 20. Gerontological nursing: recent changes and current issues / Kathleen C. Buckwalter
  • 21. Hospice and palliative care: one solution for improving U.S. health care? / Jeanne M. Martinez
  • 22. Pediatric nursing: recent changes and current issues / Cheryl Rodgers, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, and Rosalind Bryant
  • 23. Perinatal nursing: recent changes and current issues / Kathleen Rice Simpson
  • 24. Perioperative nursing: recent changes and current issues / Nancy J. Girard
  • 25. Psychiatric mental health nursing: recent changes and current issues / Gail W. Stuart
  • 26. Forensic nursing: recent changes and current issues / Virginia A. Lynch
  • 27. Occupational health nursing: recent changes and current issues / Kennith R. Culp and Sandra L. Ramey
  • 28. Genetics, genomics, and current issues for professional nursing / Debra L. Schutte
  • -- section 4: Information technology practices
  • Overview: The impact of technology on health care / Perle Slavik Cowen and Sue Moorhead
  • 29. Nursing: a profession evolving with the use of informatics and technology / Marisa L. Wilson
  • 30. Standardized terminologies and integrated information systems: building blocks for transforming data into nursing knowledge / Suzanne Bakken and Leanne M. Currie
  • 31. Nursing informatics: partnerships at the crossroads of practice and research / Karen A. Monsen and Karen S. Martin
  • 32. Sustaining a focus group devoted to standardized language development / Sandra L. Bellinger and Cathy J. Konrad
  • 33. Why health information technology standards and harmonization are important? / Audrey E. Dickerson
  • 34. Personal health records as a tool for improving the delivery of health care / Mikyoung Lee
  • 35. Global challenges of electronic records for nursing / Anne Casey
  • section 5: Health care systems and practice
  • Overview: The impact of evolving health care systems on nursing / Perle Slavik Cowen and Sue Moorhead
  • 36. From a medical care system for a few to a comprehensive health care system for all / Mary Margaret Mooney
  • 37. The challenge: participate in the era of politics--choose an ideology and lead / Catherine Dodd
  • 38. Defining health disparities from three viewpoints: reducing inequality in health care / Joyce Newman Giger
  • 39. Magnet designation: creating new synergies / Rose Rivers and SueEllen Pinkerton
  • 40. The research imperative for the nurse executive / SueEllen Pinkerton, Kathy A. Jankowski, and Matthew Leshy
  • 41. Laying the foundation for evidence-based practice for nurse residents / Colleen J. Goode, Carolyn Sanders, Jo Ann Del Monte, Denis Chon, Alyson Dare, Lee Anne Jones Merrifield, Jennifer Nguyen, and Megan M. Smith
  • 42. Determining staffing needs based on patient outcomes versus nursing interventions / Sharen Eck Birmingham, Kate Nell, and Noriko Abe
  • 43. Impact of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act / Ann M. Rhodes
  • 44. Trends in long-term care / Janet Pringle Specht and Geri Kirkbride
  • section 6: Health care organization and finance
  • Overview: Identifying and controlling health care costs / Perle Slavik Cowen and Sue Moorhead
  • 45. Controlling health care costs: balancing public and private solutions / Joseph W. York and Mary M. Gibson
  • 46. Business coalitions: shaping health reform through technology and science / Patricia Hinton Walker and Michelle R. Troseth
  • 47. Mergers and acquisitions / Marjorie Beyers
  • 48. The cost of home health care: changes and challenges / Mary Ann Anderson, Carol Bailey, Gary L. Bargstadt, and O. Ed Reitz
  • 49. Drugs are too cheap / Tess Judge-Ellis and Bernard Sorofman
  • -- section 7: Professional challenges, collaboration, and conflict
  • Overview: Challenges, collaboration, and conflict / Perle Slavik Cowen and Sue Moorhead
  • 50. Collaboration between nurses and physicians: the need for a broader view / Karen Dunn Lopez and Gail Keenan
  • 51. Health professions education in community-based settings: a collaborative journey / Joellen B. Edwards, Susan M. Grover, and Joy E. Wachs
  • 52. Overcoming polarity in nursing / Elaine S. Scott
  • 53. Expanding into the twenty-first century: men in nursing / Todd N. Ingram
  • 54. Nursing employment issues: increasing unionization in nursing / Thomas Clancy
  • 55. Managing generational issues in nursing: preserving the future of the profession / Sue Moorhead
  • section 8: Cultural inclusiveness
  • Overview: Diversity in nursing: a challenge for the United States / Perle Slavik Cowen and Sue Moorhead
  • 56. Should nursing be more diversified? / G. Rumay Alexander
  • 57. Minority representation in nursing: diversity, cultural competency, and racism--the challenge persists / Patricia T. Castiglia
  • 58. Bridging cultures: blacks and nursing / Betty Pierce Dennis
  • 59. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and nursing: narrowing the health disparities gap / Hyejin Park and Jillian Inouye
  • 60. Bridging cultures: Hispanics/Latinos and nursing / Sara Torres and Helen Castillo
  • 61. Bridging cultures: American Indians and nursing / Bette Keltner Jacobs, Debra Smith, and Mechem Slim
  • section 9: Ethical, legal, and social issues
  • Overview: Ethical, legal and social concerns in a changing health care world / Perle Slavik Cowen and Sue Moorhead
  • 62. Ethics of health care reform: should health care be rationed? / Karen Dunn Lopez
  • 63. The nurse as patient advocate: is there a conflict of interest? / Karen Markus
  • 64. Ethical nursing practice: it's all about relationship / Wendy Austin
  • 65. Harassment and discrimination issues in nursing / Anita J. Szczepanski
  • 66. Health care for the poor and underserved / Sara Groves
  • 67. Legal, ethical, and moral considerations in caring for individuals with diminished capacity / Nancy Edwards
  • 68. Nurses' role in patients' advance directives: facilitation or reduction of patient autonomy? / Susan E. Young and Diane K. Kjervik
  • 69. Environmental disasters: nurse preparedness for radiation and chemical events / Tener Goodwin Veenema
  • 70. All-hazards preparedness: advocating for mothers and babies / Lisa Summers and Robbie Prepas
  • 71. Disaster nursing and the American Red Cross / Janice Springer, Cheryl K. Schmidt, and Kay Farrell
  • 72. The greening of health care / Barbara Sattler and Denise B. Choiniere
  • -- section 10: Violence prevention and care : nursing's role
  • Overview: Violence: the expanding role of nursing in prevention and care / Perle Slavik Cowen and Sue Moorhead
  • 73. Child maltreatment: nursing considerations / Perle Slavik Cowen and Jessica P. Cowen
  • 74. Nursing care: preventing firearm injuries / Mary Fran Hazinski
  • 75. Group interventions with African American women survivors of intimate partner violence / Janette Y. Taylor
  • 76. Nursing care: victims of violence--elder mistreatment / Terry Fulmer and Jamie L. Blankenship
  • 77. Disaster nursing during terrorist events / Ian Portelli, Terry Fulmer, and Mollie C. Marr
  • 78. Nursing practice in emergency management and disaster preparedness / Mary W. Chaffee
  • 79. More nurse involvement needed in infectious disease disaster preparedness / Terri Rebmann
  • 80. Compassion fatigue in nursing / Charles R. Figley and Maryann Abendroth
  • section 11: Global nursing considerations
  • Overview: Issues abroad / Perle Slavik Cowen and Sue Moorhead
  • 81. The global nursing shortage--an issue of social justice / Barbara Anderson and Katherine Camacho Carr
  • 82. Nursing in wars / Richard Garfield and Anne-Marie Rafferty
  • 83. Nursing at the World Health Organization: the (in)visibility of chief nurses 1951-2009 / Marjorie A. Jueche
  • 84. Global health needs and priorities in developing countries / Mary Anne Mercer
  • 85. The global health agenda: are nursing and midwifery responding? / Katherine Camacho Carr and Barbara Anderson.
xxiv, 837 p. : tabs., figs. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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HEALTH SCIENCES: Purchased with support from the John D. & Phyllis S. Harrah Library Fund.
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