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Geopolymers [electronic resource]: Structure, Processing, Properties and Industrial Applications

edited by John L. Provis, Jannie S.J. van Deventer
EBook; Book; Online
Oxford : Woodhead ; Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, 2009.
Woodhead Publishing in materials
9781845694494 (Woodhead : cased), 184569449X (Woodhead : cased), 9781439809709 (CRC : cased), 1439809704 (CRC : cased)
  • Introduction to geopolymers / J.L. Provis and J.S.J. van Deventer
  • Fly ash glass chemistry and inorganic polymer cements / L.M. Keyte
  • Geopolymer precursor design / P. Duxson
  • Activating solution chemistry for geopolymers / J.L. Provis
  • Nanostructure/microstructure of metakaolin geopolymers / J.L. Provis, S.L. Yong and P. Duxson
  • Nanostructure/microstructure of fly ash geopolymers / A. Fernandez-Jimenez and A. Palomo
  • Geopolymer synthesis kinetics / J.L. Provis and C.A. Rees
  • Accelerated ageing of geopolymers / R.R. Lloyd
  • Chemical durability of geopolymers / A. Fernández-Jiménez and A. Palomo
  • Life-cycle analysis of geopolymers / M. Weil, K. Dombrowski, and A. Buchwald
  • Engineering properties of geopolymer concrete / B.V. Rangan
  • Producing fire- and heat-resistant geopolymers / G. Kovalchuk and P.V. Krivenko
  • Utilization of mining wastes to produce geopolymer binders / F. Pacheco-Torgal, S. Jalali, and J.P. Castro-Gomes
  • Utilisation of non-thermally activated clays in the production of geopolymers / K.J.D. MacKenzie
  • Thermal properties of geopolymers / A. Van Riessen, W. Rickard, and J. Sanjayan
  • Utilisation of low-calcium slags to improve the strength and durability of geopolymers / K. Komnitsas and D. Zaharaki
  • Commercialization of geopolymers for construction - opportunities and obstacles / P. Duxson and J.S.J. van Deventer
  • Geopolymers for nuclear waste immobilization / E.R. Vance and D.S. Perera
  • Immobilisation of toxic wastes in geopolymers / J.L. Provis.
Mode of access: World wide Web.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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