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Ebla and Its Landscape: Early State Formation in the Ancient Near East

edited by Paolo Matthiae and Nicolò Marchetti
Walnut Creek, California : Left Coast Press, Inc., c2013.
9781611322286 (hardcover : alkaline paper), 1611322286 (hardcover : alkaline paper), 9781611322309 (institutional ebook), 9781611326741 (consumer ebook)
  • Introduction: The Chora of Ebla : A Multidisciplinary Approach / P. Matthiae and N. Marchetti
  • Part 1. Town Archaeology
  • A Long Journey : Fifty Years of Research on the Bronze Age at Tell Mardikh/Ebla / P. Matthiae
  • The Royal Palace of Ebla : Functions of the Quarters and the Government of the Chora / P. Matthiae
  • Palace vs. Common Glyptic in Early Syrian Ebla and Its Territory / F. Pinnock
  • Popular Iconographies in a Courtly Environment : Clay Figurines from Royal Palace G / L. Peyronel
  • Centralization and Redistribution : The Pottery Assemblage of Palace G / S. Mazzoni
  • Form and Content : A Preliminary Functional Interpretation of the Storage Jars from Royal Palace G / M. D'Andrea and A. Vacca
  • Working for the Elites : The Pottery Assemblage of Building P4 / N. Marchetti
  • Part 2. Regional Archaeology
  • Exploiting Diversity : Archaeological Sites in the Ebla Region / S. Mantellini, M.G. Micale, and L. Peyronel
  • Trends in Village Life : The Early Bronze Age Phases at Tell Tuqan / F. Baffi and L. Peyronel
  • Assembling the Evidence : Excavated Sites Dating from the Early Bronze Age in and around the Chora of Ebla / E. Ascalone and M. D'Andrea
  • Regional Approach and Archaeological Surveys in Northern Syria : An Overview / S. Mantellini
  • Part 3. Textual Evidence
  • Defining the Chora of Ebla : A Textual Perspective / M.G. Biga
  • Distribution and Exchange of Goods in the Chora of Ebla / G. Ferrero
  • Of Plants and Trees : Crops and Vegetable Resources at Ebla / G. Marchesi
  • Part 4. Geomorphology and Remote Sensing
  • A Land in Its Setting : Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery for the Characterization of the Eblaite Chora / G. Bittelli, E. Mandanici and L. Vittuari
  • Analysis of CORONA Imagery of the Ebla Region / N. Galiatsatos and S. Mantellini
  • From Wetland to Desert : A Geomorphologic Approach to the Eblaite Chora / V. Cantelli, V.M.L. Martina and L. Picotti
  • A Thin Basis : The Soil Landscape of Ebla and Tell Tuqan / A. Arnoldus-Huyzendveld
  • Modern Agriculture in the Ebla Region / P. Rossi, F. Ventura and M. Vignudelli
  • Part 5. Archaeometry and Bioarchaeology
  • Archaeometrical Analysis of Metal Objects from Royal Palace G / A.C. Felici and M. Vendittelli
  • Archaeometrical Analysis of Pottery Production at EB III-IVA Ebla and Tell Tuqan / M.L. Santarelli
  • Archaeometrical Analysis of Architectural Components of Royal Palace G / M.L. Santarelli and G. Spreafico
  • Consuming Plants : Archaeobotanical Samples from Royal Palace G and Building P4 / C. Wachter-Sarkady
  • Forests Near and Far : An Anthracological Perspective at Ebla / V. Caracuta and G. Fiorentino
  • Exploiting Animals : Zooarchaeological Evidence through the Early Bronze Age at Ebla / C. Minniti
  • Natural Resources, Technology and Manufacture Processes at Ebla : A Preliminary Assessment / L. Peyronel and A. Vacca
  • Just at that Time : 14C Determinations and Analyses from EB IVA Layers / L. Calcagnile, G. Quarta, and M. D'Elia
  • Conclusion: Towards a Dynamic Model for the Functioning of the Early State in the Eastern Mediterranean / P. Matthiae and N. Marchetti.
535 pages : illustrations (some col.) ; 29 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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