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It Is a Constitution We Are Expounding: Collected Writings on Interpreting Our Founding Document

foreward by Laurence H. Tribe
EBook; Book; Online
Washington, DC : American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, c2009.
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Collected writings on interpreting our founding document
This book contains excerpts from some of the finest existing writing on methods of constitutional interpretation, taken from decisions of the Supreme Court and other opinions and speeches by Justices and judges, the scholarly literature, and other sources. The materials gathered in this volume explore a variety of interpretive resources that can help illuminate the Constitution's meaning, including its text, structure, and history, the shared values it embodies, judicial precedent, and the consequences a particular interpretation is likely to have. This publication presents accepted tools of interpretation that are faithful to the Constitution.
  • American constitutional law / Laurence H. Tribe
  • Fidelity in translation / Lawrence Lessig
  • 17 U.S. 316(1819), opinion of Chief Justice Marshall Intratextualism / Akhil Reed Amar
  • Tempting of America : the political seduction of the law, Chapter 7, the original understanding / Robert H. Bork
  • Bork and Beethoven / Richard A. Posner
  • Abortion and original meaning / Jack M. Balkin
  • Originalism and its discontents (plus a thought or two about abortion) / Mitchell N. Berman
  • Perspectives on the Fourth Amendment / Anthony G. Amsterdam
  • Founders' unwritten constitution / Suzanna Sherry
  • Reflections on the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution / Thurgood Marshall
  • Constitution of the United States : contemporary ratification / William J. Brennan, Jr.
  • Common law constitutional interpretation / David Strauss
  • 539 U.S. 558(2003), opinion of Justice Kennedy
  • 551 U.S. 701(2007), dissenting opinion of Justice Breyer
  • Federalism No. 78 / Alexander Hamilton
  • Judicial review : a practicing judge's perspective / Stephen Breyer
  • Looking beyond our borders : the value of a comparative perspective in constitutional adjudication / Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
240 p. : 28 cm.
  • "Karl Thompson and Pamela Harris, Editors"--p. 17.
  • Companion volume to "Keeping Faith With the Constitution."
  • Includes bibliographical references.
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Also available via the World Wide Web from the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy web site.
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