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Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media

edited by Pat Harrigan and Noah Wardrip-Fruin ; designed by Michael Crumpton
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2007.
0262083566 (alk. paper), 9780262083560 (alk. paper), 9780262514187, 0262514184
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Table of contents
Table of contents
  • I. Tabletop systems. Games, storytelling, and breaking the string / Greg Costikyan ; On the Wild Card series / George R.R. Martin ; From the basement to the basic set : the early years of Dungeons and Dragons / Erik Mona ; Narrative structure and creative tension in Call of Cthulhu / Kenneth Hite ; On "The Haunted House" / Keith Herber ; On character creation in Everway / Jonathan Tweet ; Storytelling games as a creative medium / Will Hindmarch ; Structure and meaning in role-playing game design / Rebecca Borgstrom ; My Life with Master : the architecture of protagonism / Paul Czege ; Making games that make stories / James Wallis ; Creating a meaning-machine : the deck of stories called Life in the Garden / Eric Zimmerman ; Designing decisions and concepts in licensed collectible card games / Eric Lang (with Pat Harrigan) ; One story, many media / Kevin Wilson ; On Mystery in the Abbey / Bruno Faidutti ; On Life's Lottery / Kim Newman
  • II. Computational fictions. Sands of Time : crafting a video game story / Jordan Mechner ; On And Then There Were None / Lee Sheldon ; On Solitaire / Helen Thorington ; Enlightening interactive fiction : Andrew Plotkin's Shade / Jeremy Douglass ; Creation of Floyd the robot in Planetfall / Steve Meretzky ; Fretting the player character / Nick Montfort ; On Savoir-Faire / Emily Short ; Pax, writing, and change / Stuart Moulthrop ; RE: authoring Magritte : The Brotherhood of Bent Billiard / Talan Memmott ; On soft cinema : Mission to Earth / Lev Manovich ; On Juvenate / Maríe-Laure Ryan ; On Twelve Easy Lessons to Better Time Travel / Mark C. Marino ; Deikto : a language for interactive storytelling / Chris Crawford ; GRIOT's tales of haints and seraphs : a computational narrative generation system / D. Fox Harrell ; Writing Façade : a case study in procedural authorship / Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern ; On The Breakup Conversation / Robert Zubek ; On The Archer's Flight / Mark Keavney.
  • III. Real worlds. Prismatic play : games as windows on the real world / John Tynes ; On John Tynes's Puppetland / Sean Thorne ; Video games go to Washington : the story behind The Howard Dean for Iowa Game / Ian Bogost and Gonzalo Frasca ; Political activism : bending the rules / Kevin Whelan ; Puppet master problem : design for real-world, mission-based gaming / Jane McGonigal ; On A Measure for Marriage / Nick Fortugno ; On / Robert Nideffer ; On Itinerant / Teri Rueb ; Finding the game in improvised theater / Tim Uren ; On Adventures in Mating / Joe Scrimshaw ; Santaman's Harvest yields questions, or does a performance happen if it exists in a virtual forest? / Adriene Jenik ; Me, the other / Torill Elvira Mortensen ; Network of quests in World of Warcraft / Jill Walker ; Communities of play : the social construction of identity in persistent online game worlds / Celia Pearce and Artemesia ; Eliza Redux / Adrianne Wortzel
  • IV. Appendices. Appendix A: Puppetland / by John Tynes ; Appendix B: Bestial acts / by Greg Costikyan ; Appendix C: The extraordinary adventures of Baron Munchausen / by James Wallis
  • Contributor biographies.
xv, 408 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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