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Salt Tectonics, Sediments and Prospectivity

edited by G.I. Alsop ... [et al.]
London : Geological Society, 2012.
Geological Society special publication
9781862393417 (hbk.), 1862393419 (hbk.)
  • Salt tectonics, sediments and prospectivity: an introduction / S.G. Archer, ... [et al.]
  • Concepts in halokinetic-sequence deformation and stratigraphy / K.A. Giles & M.G. Rowan
  • Anatomy of an exposed vertical salt weld and flanking strata, La Popa Basin, Mexico / M.G. Rowan, T.F. Lawton & K.A. Giles
  • Halokinetic-sequence stratigraphy, fluvial sedimentology and structural geometry of the Eocene Carroza Formation along La Popa salt weld, La Popa Basin, Mexico / J.R. Andrie, ... [et al.]
  • Depositional and halokinetic-sequence stratigraphy of the Neoproterozoic Wonoka Formation adjacent to Patawarta allochthonous salt sheet, Central Flinders Ranges, South Australia / R.A. Kernen, ... [et al.]
  • Fracture-controlled palaeohydrology of a secondary salt weld, La Popa Basin, NE Mexico / A.P. Smith, M.P. Fischer & M.A. Evans
  • Salt: geology and tectonics of selected Brazilian basins in their global context / W.U. Mohriak, P. Szatmari & S. Anjos
  • Salt deposition, loading and gravity drainage in the Campos and Santos salt basins / I. Davison, L. Anderson & P. Nuttall
  • Role of halokinesis in controlling structural styles and sediment dispersal in the Santos Basin, offshore Brazil / M.C.M. Guerra & J.R. Underhill
  • Salt tectonics on passive margins: examples from Santos, Campos and Kwanza basins / D.G. Quirk, ... [et al.]
  • Flip-flop salt tectonics / D.G. Quirk & R.S. Pilcher
  • Kinematics of regional salt flow in the northern Gulf of Mexico / X. Fort & J.-P. Brun
  • Halokinetic effects on submarine channel equilibrium profiles and implications for facies architecture: conceptual model illustrated witha a case study from Magnolia Field, Gulf of Mexico / I.A. Kane, D.T. McGee, & Z.R. Jobe
  • Some consequences of mechanical stratification in basin-scale numerical models of passive-margin salt tectonics / M. Albertz & S.J. Ings
  • Basin-scale salt tectonic processes of the Laurentian Basin, Eastern Canada: insights from integrated regional 2D seismic interpretation and 4D physical experiments / J. Adam & C. Krezsek
  • Evolution of salt structures during extension and inversion of the Offshore Parentis Basin (Eastern Bay of Biscay) / O. Ferrer... [et al.]
  • Mesozoic and Cenozoic evolution of salt structures within the Polish basin: an overview / P. Krzywiec
  • Analogue and mumerical modelling of salt supply to a diapiric structure rising above an active basement fault / S. Burliga, H.A. Koyi & Z. Chemia
  • Regional-scale structural role of Permian salt within the Central European Basin System / Y.P. Maystrenko, U. Bayer & M. Scheck-Wenderoth
  • Wedges and buffers: some new structural observations from the Dnieper-Donets Basin, onshore Ukraine / J. Brown, M. Bowyer & V. Zolotarenko
  • Strain partitioning in gravity-driven shortening of a thick, multilayered evaporite sequence / J. Cartwright, ... [et al.]
  • Analysis of folding and deformation within layered evaporites in Blocks BM-S-8 & -9, Santos Basin, Brazil / J.C. Fiduk, & M.G. Rowan
  • 3D seismic study of complex intra-salt deformation: an example from the Upper Permian Zechstein 3 stringer, western Dutch offshore / F. Strozyk, ... [et al.]
  • Numerical modelling of the displacement and deformation of embedded rock bodies during salt tectonics: a case study from the South Oman Salt Basin / S. Li, S. Abe, L. Reuning, S. Becker, J.L. Urai & P.A. Kukla
  • Fraction pattern analysis as a tool for constraining the interaction between regional and diapir-related stress fields: Poza de la Sal Diapir (Basque Pyrenees, Spain) / A. Qunintà, S. Tavani & E. Roca
  • Salt-related structures on the Bristol Channel coast, Somerset (UK) / J. Trude, R. Graham & R. Pilcher
  • Pre-existing salt structures and the folding of the Zagros Mountains / J.-P. Callot, ... [et al.]
  • The Garmsar salt nappe and seasonal inversions of surrounding faults imaged by SAR interferometry, Northern Iran / S. Baikpour & C.J. Talbot
  • Submarine 'salt glacier' of Northern Tunisia, a case of Triassic salt mobility in North African Cretaceous passive margin / A. Masrouhi & H. Koyi
  • Allochthonous salt in the sub-Alpine fold-thrust belt of Haute Provence, France / R. Graham, ... [et al.].
vi, 624 p. : ill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Geological Society special publication, 0305-8719 ; no. 363
Geological Society special publication no. 363
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