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Renaissance Music - Fallis, D. / Jenkins, P. / Mckenna, T. / Melville, A. / Pepper, J. / Pudwell, L. (Toronto Consort) [electronic resource]

Eyck, Jacob van; Fallis, David; Grossman, Ben; Hill, Katherine; Jenkins, Paul (musician); McKenna, Terry; Melville, Alison; Messaus, Guilielmus; Pepper, John; Praetorius, Michael; Pudwell, Laura; Toronto Consort
Sound Recording; Streaming Audio; Online
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Hong Kong : Naxos Digital Services Ltd., [2010]
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DOR-93186 Naxos Digital Services Ltd
  • The Little Barley-Corne (after Stingo from the English Dancing Master by J. Playford) / Fallis, David (05:10)
  • All You that are Good Fellowes (after The British Broadside Ballad and Its Music, trans. by C. Simpson) / Fallis, David (02:28)
  • Greensleeves and Pudding Pies - Bouzer Castle (after Greensleeves found in Playford. Bouzer Castle after the 1675 edition of the English Dancing Master) / Fallis, David (03:40)
  • Terpsichore: Bransle simple: Les Gavottes (arr. by D. Fallis et al.) / Praetorius, Michael (04:17)
  • Branle de l'Official / Le bel Ange du Ciel (after branle de l'official from Orchesography by T. Arbeau and Le bel Ange from Philips' Spiritual Songs Collection) / Fallis, David (03:23)
  • Une jeune pucelle (after Une jeune fillette from voix de ville) / Traditional (05:39)
  • Ave maris stella / Noel nouvelet (after Ave maris stella from The New Oxford Book of Carols, ed. by H. Keyte and A. Parrott) / Fallis, David (04:52)
  • Apostrophe au petit Iesu couche dans la creche (after Les Rossignols spirituels by P. Philips) / Fallis, David (03:02)
  • Now When Joseph and Mary (after Over the Hills and High Mountains from the English folk song collection) / Fallis, David (04:58)
  • Scotch Cap / A Scotch Firk / Scots Rant (after the English Dancing Master by J. Playford) / Fallis, David (03:28)
  • O salich heylich Bethlehem (arr. D. Fallis et al.) / Messaus, Guilielmus (03:41)
  • O Heilig Zalig (arr. by D. Fallis et al.) / Eyck, Jacob van (04:03)
  • Lady Catherine Ogle / Scotchman's Dance (after 2 scottish melodies from The English Dancing Master by J. Playford) / Fallis, David (02:40)
  • Drive the Cold Winter Away / Come Follow Follow Me (after The Spanish Gypsies from the Dancing Master by J. Playford) / Fallis, David (04:35)
  • Jesus nait, tendre et bleme (after a pavane from Orchesography by T. Arbeau) / Fallis, David (03:17)
  • Vray Dieu il n'est si doulce chose (after the french tranditional folk song L'amour de moy) / Fallis, David (01:29)
  • L'Annonciation de l'Ange Gabriel a la Vierge Marie (after Quand ce beau printems je voy by N. de la Grotte) / Fallis, David (04:32)
  • Basse Danse "L'Annonciation" (after L'annonciation de l'Ange Gabriel a la Vierge Marie by D. Fallis, et al. ) / Fallis, David (01:11)
  • Chesnut / Kettle drum / The Symphony (after 3 more tunes from The English Dancing Master by J. Playford) / Fallis, David (03:36)
  • Now Candlemas is come at last (after One of the melodies from Choice Ayres and Songs by T. Farmer) / Fallis, David (04:14).
Toronto Consort (ensemble) ; Terry McKenna (baroque guitar) ; Jenkins, Paul (tenor) ; Pudwell, Laura (mezzo-soprano) ; Pepper, John (bass) ; Hill, Katherine (soprano) ; Fallis, David (tenor) ; McKenna, Terry (lute) ; Melville, Alison (recorder) ; Grossman, Ben (hurdy-gurdy).
  • Streaming audio.
  • Includes works of Laura Pudwell ; David Fallis ; Alison Melville ; Paul Jenkins ; John Pepper ; Jacob van Eyck ; Traditional ; Terry McKenna ; Michael Praetorius ; Guilielmus Messaus.
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