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N-Tag Ten: Proceedings of the 10th Nordic TAG Conference at Stiklestad, Norway 2009

edited by Ragnhild Berge, Marek E. Jasinski, Kalle Sognnes
Oxford : Archaeopress, 2012.
BAR international series
9781407309941, 1407309943
  • Nordic TAG 1985-2009: past and future / Kristian Kristiansen
  • Introduction / Ragnhild Berge, Marek E. Jasinski and Kalle Sognnes
  • [pt.1.] Excavating iconic features and symbols: materiality of monuments, imagery, texts, structures, and artefacts. Quartzite at a sieidi: a new life of an offering site? / Tiina Äikäs
  • Without a trace? Rituals and remembrance at rune stones / Cecilia Ljung and Susanne Thedén
  • Reused rock art: traces of Iron Age activities at Bronze Age rock art sites / Per Nilsson
  • Material memories among pre-Christian graves in Iceland / Þóra Petursdóttir
  • What can a little bird tell if all good things come in threes? Triple cups and bird-shaped pottery as represenations of ritualized feasting goods / Christian L. Roødsrud
  • Images of the non-conceivable. On pictorial mimesis within rock art research / Ylva Sjöstrand
  • Accompanying the stone ships. Circular stone stetings in relation to the Gotlandic ship settings / Joakim Wehlin
  • Hard rock studies: cup marks in Easter Svealand / Roger Wiksell
  • [pt.2.] Evolutionary dimensions of technical challenge. Material culture and the construction of religious niches / Mads Dengsø Jessen
  • Theory for the a-theoretical: niche construction theory and its implications for environmental arcaheology / Felix Riede
  • Cultural evolution and archaeology. Historical and current trends / Felix Riede, Jan Apel and Kim Darmark
  • [pt.3.] Innovations: novel ways in the past. Close encounters of the copper kind / Vesa-Pekka Herva ... [et al.]
  • Import vs. imitation? Towards an understanding of early Bronze Age weapons in Southern Scandinavia / Zsófia Kölcze
  • Enter the gripping beast. Innovations and actor-networks in Viking Age towns / Søren M. Sindbœk
  • [pt.4.] From foreign country to big business: socio-economic perspectives on heritage/the past. Cultural heritage tourism in the North: making information about vulnerable Sámi heritage sites accessible to the public or not? / Göril Nilsen
  • The values archaeologists ascribe to archaeological artefacts: the impact of workplace / Atle Omland
  • [pt.5.] The materiality of modernity: archaeology and the rise of modern society. Clay pipes and the habitus of tobacco consumption. An archaeological study of tobacco consumption with special reference to seventeenth century Trondheim / Lise Loktu
  • [pt.6.] Social dimensions of technological change. The introduction of sails to Scandinavia: raw materials, labour and land / Lise Bender Jørgensen
  • A technological momentum? Changes in lithic technology during the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Scandinavia / Lotte Eigeland
  • Iron production in Østerdalen in medieval times: a consequence of regional technological change? / Bernt Rundberget
  • Mobility, points and people. Technological and social changes towards the Neolithic of southern Norway / Steinar Solheim
  • The (sluggish and modest) introduction of iron in southern Sweden: insufficient technology or unprepared receivers? A case study from iron usage in Halland / Per Wranning
  • Dealing with consequences. The importance of placement / Ulla Zagal-Mach
  • [pt.7.] War and society. On war and the memory of war: the middle Bronze Age burial from Hvidegården on Zealand in Denmark revisited / Joakim Goldhahn
  • Merovingian men - fulltime warriors? Weapon graves of the continental Merovingian Period of the Munich Gravel Plain and the social and age structure of the contemporary society: a case study / Doris Gutsmiedl-Schumann
  • Painful heritages. Cultural landscapes of the Second World War in Norway: a new approach / Marek E. Jasinski, Marianne N. Soleim and Leiv Sem
  • Tools of lethal play. Weapon burials reflecting power structures and group cohesion during the Iron Age in Ostrobothnia, Finland / Jari-Matti Kuusela.
xiii, 289 p. : ill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ; 30 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
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BAR international series ; 2399
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