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Meyer-Topsoe, Elisabeth - Agerby, A. [electronic resource]: Mortensen, O. ; Balslev, H. ; Hartmann, J.P.E. ; Ring, O. ; Aagaard, T. ; Laub, T

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Hong Kong : Naxos Digital Services Ltd., [2009]
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DACOCD615 Naxos Digital Services Ltd
  • Jer er havren. Jer har bjaelder pa (I am the oats. I wear bells) / Agerby, Axel (03:04)
  • Marken en mejet, og hoet er hostet (The field has been moved, and the hay has been reaped) / Traditional (01:16)
  • Septembers himmel er sa bla (So blue is the September sky) / Mortensen, Otto (03:05)
  • Det lysner over agres felt (Dawn is breaking upon the fields) / Balslev, Harald (02:08)
  • I sne star urt og busk i skjul (Plant and bush are hidden by snow) / Hartmann, Johann Peter Emilius (01:25)
  • Sig naermer tiden, da jeg ma vaek (Close at hand is the hour when I have to leave) / Ring, Oluf (03:09)
  • Spurven sidder stumt bag kvist (The sparrow sits silently behind the twig) / Aagaard, Thorvald (02:45)
  • Det er hvidt herude (It is white outside) / Laub, Thomas (02:03)
  • Sneflokke kommer vrimlende (The air is alive with snowflakes) / Aagaard, Thorvald (00:55)
  • Det er i dag et vejr - et solskinsvejr (Today is a fine day - the sun is shining) / Schierbeck, Poul (02:07)
  • Den gronne sode var (Green sweet spring) / Mortensen, Otto (01:55)
  • Se, det summer af sol over engen (Watch the sun buzzing across the field) / Helmuth, P. (01:28)
  • I skyggen vi vanke (Going for a stroll in the shadow) / Laub, Thomas (01:43)
  • Danmark, nu blunder den lyse nat (Denmark, your bright night is asleep) / Ring, Oluf (03:11)
  • Nu er dagen fuld af sang (Now the day is full of singing) / Nielsen, Carl (02:43)
  • Du danske sommer, jeg elsker dig (Oh, Danish summer, I love you) / Mortensen, Otto (03:17)
  • En snes danske viser (A Score of Danish Songs), Vol. 1, FS 70: No. 10. Jeg baerer med smil min byrde (I bear my yoke with a smile) / Nielsen, Carl (01:57)
  • Ole sad pa en knold og sang (Ole sat singing on a knoll) / Toft, Alfred (01:41)
  • Hist, hvor vejen slar en bugt (Yonder where the road is bending) / Gebauer, Johann Christian (01:38)
  • Det var en lordag aften (On a Saturday evening) / Traditional (04:41)
  • Nys fyldte skon Sired sit attende ar (Fair Sired has just turned 18) / Schultz, J.A.P (01:47)
  • Hun er sod, hun er blod (She is sweet, she is soft) / Mortensen, Otto (01:26)
  • Flyv, fugl! flyv over Furesoens vove (Fly, bird! fly across the waves of the lake) / Hartmann, Johann Peter Emilius (04:22)
  • Jeg ser de bogelyse oer (I see the islands bright with beeches) / Aagaard, Thorvald (01:51)
  • Pa Sjolunds fagre sletter (On the fair plains of Sealand) / Gade, Niels Wilhelm (02:00)
  • Moderen (The Mother), Op. 41, FS 94: No. 8. Som en rejselysten flade (Like a fleet of eager to depart) / Nielsen, Carl (04:42)
  • I skovens dybe, stille ro (In the deep, quiet peace of the wood) / Traditional (01:53)
  • Laer mig, nattens stjerne (Teach me, star of the night) / Nielsen, Carl (02:52)
  • Stille, hjerte, sol gar ned (Be quiet, heart, the sun is setting) / Laub, Thomas (02:40)
  • Underlige aftenlufte (Wondrous evening breezes) / Nielsen, Carl (04:40)
  • Natten er saa stille (The Night is so calm) / Weyse, Christoph Ernst Friedrich (01:26).
Per Salo (piano) ; Elisabeth Meyer-Topsoe (soprano).
  • Includes works of Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse ; Johann Peter Emilius Hartmann ; Johann Christian Gebauer ; Niels Wilhelm Gade ; Oluf Ring ; P. Helmuth ; Alfred Toft ; J.A.P Schultz ; Thorvald Aagaard ; Carl Nielsen ; Poul Schierbeck ; Thomas Laub ; Otto Mortensen ; Harald Balslev ; Axel Agerby.
  • Streaming audio.
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