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Memory and Law

edited by Lynn Nadel and Walter P. Sinnott-Armstrong
New York : Oxford University Press, 2012.
Oxford series in neuroscience, law, and philosophy
Series in neuroscience, law, and philosophy
9780199920754 (hardback : alk. paper), 0199920753 (hardback : alk. paper)
  • General issues about memory
  • Introduction: memory in the legal context / L. Nadel & W. Sinnott-Armstrong
  • Memory in eyewitnesses
  • Inconsistencies between law and the limits of human cognition : the case of eyewitness identification / D. Davis & E.F. Loftus
  • Lineup procedures in eyewitness identification / S.D. Gronlund, C.A Goodsell & S.M. Andersen
  • The curious complexity between confidence and accuracy in reports from memory / H.L. Roediger, III, J.H. Wixted & K.A. DeSoto
  • Evaluating confidence in our memories : results and implications from neuroimaging and eye movement monitoring studies of metamemory / E.F. Chua
  • Evidentiary independence? : how evidence collected early in an investigation influences the collection and interpretation of additional evidence / L.E. Hasel
  • Memory in jurors
  • Memory and jury deliberation : the benefits and costs of collective remembering / W. Hirst, A. Coman & C.B. Stone
  • Realizing the potential of instructions to disregard / L.J. Demaine
  • The memory of jurors : enhancing trial performance / A. Sandberg, W. Sinnott-Armstrong & J. Suvalescu
  • Neuroimaging memories
  • Neuroimaging of true, false, and imaginary memories : findings and implications / D.L. Schacter, J. Chamberlain, B. Gaesser & K.D. Gerlach
  • Detection of concealed stored memories with psychophysiological and neuroimaging methods / J.P. Rosenfeld, G.B. Shakhar & G. Ganis
  • Legislative issues
  • Criminalizing cognitive enhancement at the blackjack table / A. Kolber
  • Monetizing memory science : neuroscience and the future of ptsd litigation / F.X. Shen
  • Ten things the law, and others, should know about human memory / M.A. Conway.
x, 398 p. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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