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Liberating the Arts: Promoting IT Fluency through Pedagogy of Digital Storytelling

Warren Jr., Kenneth Xavier
Thesis/Dissertation; Online
Warren Jr., Kenneth Xavier
Callahan, Carolyn
Covert, Robert
Bunch, John
Fluency in information technology (IT Fluency) is a component of life-long learning necessary for a Liberal Arts student's post-graduate success in the global and digital economy. While challenging, promoting IT fluency at Liberal Arts colleges can be achieved through the integration of digital storytelling pedagogy in existing humanities curricula. The purpose of this capstone project was to develop a program that helped faculty integrate opportunities for students to become fluent in information technology. Moreover, the project addressed the sustainability and scalability of the instructional supports needed for faculty and students engaged in digital storytelling integration. Embedded within the program design, a qualitative methodology was employed to conduct interviews with faculty and administration at Henricus College, a small Liberal Arts institution. These interviews were analyzed for common themes and result in case summaries which inform the program‟s logic model and two action communication products. These products include a resource guide for faculty interested in pursuing digital storytelling and an instructional website that teaches students how to use the tools needed to produce digital stories in the context of IT fluency. It is intended that faculty at Henricus College, and other Liberals Arts institutions, will use these products not only to re-conceptualize their pedagogy, but also to build upon them by participating in a community of practice that identifies the best methods of engaging students with technology. Note: Abstract extracted from PDF text
University of Virginia, Curry School of Education, PHD (Doctor of Philosophy), 2011
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PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
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