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The Creative Process

Obong, Mfon-Abasi
Thesis/Dissertation; Online
Obong, Mfon-Abasi
West, Gweneth
Linton, Marcy
This document analyzes my creative process as an artist, costume designer, and technician over the course of my career here at the University of Virginia. I have a better understanding of the role of clothing in people’s lives. Clothing tells the story of people in every aspect of their life. Clothing reflects a person’s background, culture, ethnicity, personality, and aspiration. As a designer, through analysis of a play and visual evidence, I use clothing to tell a character’s story. As an artist, I use colors, lines, shapes, and textures to create harmony and balance that support the actor and to create the physical and emotional environment of the character through clothing. Each time I draw an image and build a garment, I become more understanding of my role as an artist. As a designer and technologist, every time I create, I make discoveries along the way. The MFA in Costume Design and Technology program enables me to discover and understand the role of a costume designer in the theatre. The discoveries I make enhance my artistic skill, empower my creativity and define me as a person.
University of Virginia, Department of Drama, MFA (Master of Fine Arts), 2017
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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)
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