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The Lifecycle of Bicycle Education: The Missing Link

Butcher, Mary
Thesis/Dissertation; Online
Butcher, Mary
Mondschein, Andrew
Wilson, Barbara
Poncy, Amanda
The primary purpose of this research is to develop a framework for understanding how bicycle education occurs in Europe, which may assist planners and other interested actors to introduce bicycle education to the US in a more effective and complete manner. My research has been conducted through literature review, interviews, and observations. I find that Europe has a lifecycle, or holistic, approach to cycling that starts when the child is born and carries through their teen years. Education is not addressed only by one group but many with overlapping training and education. Once these children are parents, the cycle begins again. My findings also show that while the US is likely less advanced in bicycle education, European countries are beginning to have similar problems to that of the US. These are: lack of time, longer distances between work and home, and lack of funding. While European countries are starting to see some declines in their cycling education programs, many groups are trying to find ways to combat these growing issues and maintain their holistic approach to education.
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University of Virginia, Department of Urban and Environmental Planning, MUEP (Master of Urban and Environmental Planning), 2015
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MUEP (Master of Urban and Environmental Planning)
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