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Secure Affordable Sustainable Edge Clouds (SASEC) for Smart Cities and Enterprises

Veeraraghavan, Malathi; Kilper, Dan; Lin, Xiao; Foley, Rider; Sun, Weiqiang
Research Paper
Veeraraghavan, Malathi
Kilper, Dan
Lin, Xiao
Foley, Rider
Sun, Weiqiang
This paper describes a novel architecture that addresses the need for a low-cost alternative to today’s solution for residential Internet access for households in cities left behind by the digital revolution. Given the costs and security vulnerabilities of all home-owners purchasing and maintaining their own PCs, application software and Internet access, our Secure Affordable Sustainable Edge Clouds (SASEC) solution consolidates computers into an edge cloud, and requires only inexpensive I/O devices, such as Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) terminals and audio input/output devices, in user homes. The term Dumb Connected Devices (DCDs) is used to describe these user-owned systems. SASEC is also a suitable candidate for enterprises, such as university campuses, as it offers a strong security advantage. SASEC vastly reduces the attack surface since users’ DCDs have no processor and no operating system, and hence cannot be compromised and used in botnets. The challenge lies in designing a high-speed network to interconnect the Edge-Cloud (EC) to the DCDs. Initial experiments show that with compression, 50 Mbps is required for 1080p HDTV video. If the EC-DCD network needs to support 100 simultaneous web-browsing sessions with video, then Gb/s wireless solutions are required.
University of Virginia, 2018
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