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The New Acropolis Museum

Molacek, Elizabeth
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Molacek, Elizabeth
Dissinger, A.M
Ikeshoji-Orlati, V.G.A
The New Acropolis Museum, opened in 2009 after over thirty years of debate surrounding its purpose, location and design. Originally begun only as a project to expand the storage and display capacity of the original museum, the current museum takes part in the complicated international debate regarding the home of the so-called Elgin marbles. The current paper explores how the new museum successfully re-contextualizes the art and artifacts of the Acropolis in order to provide a holistic understanding of its history. The current chapter addresses three issues: the goals and objectives of the New Acropolis Museum, architect Bernard Tschumi and director/curator Dimitrios Pandermalis’ programmatic solutions to these problems, and the general audience response to the museum and its exhibitions. By thoroughly addressing each of these issues, it will become apparent that the New Acropolis Museum is an appropriate space for not only the Parthenon sculptures, but all artifacts from the Acropolis.
University of Virginia, McIntire Department of Art, 2011
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This book is a publication derived from ARAH 9505, Spring 2011, Professor A. Dakouri-Hild. Edited by A.M. Dissinger and V.G.A. Ikeshoji-Orlati. With essay contributions by A.M. Dissinger, V.G.A. Ikeshoji-Orlati, E.M. Merrill, A.M. Middleton and E.M. Molacek.
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