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Proceedings of the AOSD 2006 Workshop on Open and Dynamic Aspect Languages (ODAL)

Brichau, J; Chiba, S; Volder, K; Haupt, M; Hirschfeld, R; Lorenz, David; Masuhara, H; Tanter, E
Brichau, J
Chiba, S
Volder, K
Haupt, M
Hirschfeld, R
Lorenz, David
Masuhara, H
Tanter, E
There is a growing interest in the composition of aspect mecha- nisms. All extant works, however, avoid an important question: what should the semantics of the composed multi-extension lan- guage be? The problem is that the semantics for the composition is nowhere specified. Therefore, even if third-party composition of aspect mechanisms were successful, it is difficult to evaluate the correctness of the composition. In this paper, we propose the use of ASPECTJ5 as a benchmark for evaluating and comparing composi- tion techniques for integrating pointcut-and-advice mechanisms. If an aspect mechanism X implements the semantics of ASPECTJ and another mechanism Y implements the semantics of ASPECTWERKZ, then the semantics of the composition X+Y can be checked against the semantics of ASPECTJ5. We present a novel parallel compo- sition technique, and illustrate that it passes the ASPECTJ5 bench- mark.
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 2006
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